Friday, November 7, 2008

Third Time This Week

Woke up at around 10am. Didn't eat anything and used the laptop. JW gave me her notes and I printed it out. I find it pretty helpful. Spend an hour going through it and Highlighting it.

At 12.30pm, I just finished the notes. M and J came home from school. LZ smsed me and said WM ask me to join them for lunch. I packed my stuff and drove to 112. WM wasn't there yet so I went inside.

5 minutes later, I called LZ. Just then, they arrived. I reversed my car so that WM parked hers inside. Then, I parked back outside the gate. After they settled down, all of us went to Nando's except KK.

I ordered a 1/4 Hot-Peri Peri Chicken with Peri Chips and Potato Salad (RM14++). WM went to Cold Storage to buy us some "Fresh & Fresh" (similar to Vitagen). My chicken tasted nice. Not too spicy, just nice. Fries and potato were nice!

1/4 Hot Peri Peri Chicken with 2 sidelines

WM forgot to pay and wanted to leave. Luckily, I reminded her and saved her from the shame. After that, LZ and I went back to 112 while LZ, AP and WM went to cut their hair in Lucky Garden.

We continued our "rubik cube lesson" for about an hour. When WM and the rest came back, LZ just finished the first cube by herself! I asked her to practise about 5 more times. Suddenly, she forgot how to do it.

Being a spoilt and ill-mannered brat that she is, she called me stupid for no reason. I decided to stop teaching her till she apologized. Since she didn't want to apologize, I left her and went to play with LZ.

We fixed a puzzle till 5pm and finally gave up. I wasn't in a serious mood but just did it to accompany LZ. We packed it up and dropped LZ off for piano classes. Then, LZ, WM, AP, KK and I walked to Sri Nirvana for tea.

I ordered Teh Tarik and didn't eat anything. WM paid and we went to CzipLee. LZ was whining and asking her mum to buy her colour pencils. I went and bought 3 Carera pens. Ever since I borrowed AL's Carera, I loved it.

Teh Tarik from Sri Nirvana

Carera Pens - RM2 each

We left without buying colour pencils for LZ. WM gave the excuse of not bringing enough money. LZ was whining the whole walk back. Back in 112, she stopped whining because she was afraid of KK.

I played some games with her. Throwing the strawberry around and "hide and seek" was the few of them. At 6pm, we went to pick the naughty LZ up from piano. Came back and she asked WM to ask me to teach her.

I refused to teach her even if WM would pay me RM 100. I'd decided to not teach her until this brat changes her attitude. In the end, the brat remembered how to solve the cube. I not upset but worried that she would be arrogant forever. Haih.

AM came home and asked me to follow her to cycle. Then, WM forced LZ to say sorry to me. Still some hope here. I ignored her and went to the back to help AM carry SC's bike. I took her bike and she rode on SC's.

KK followed us up to my house. When we went to the next lane, we couldn't find KK. I turned back and saw him entering my house. I was imagining what would say and the disaster he would cause. Joking, it'll be good if I get a bike.

We left him alone and went back downhill. I taught AM to go down hill. Finally, she learnt how to use the brakes and went downhill safely. As we arrived at 112, SC came back from work. We had dinner after KK came home.

After dinner, SC brought me to Rodalink to look at the bikes on sale. In the end, I gave the guy my number if there is any news of the RM800 GT Outpost Disc. Once we reached 112, AM, AP and KK came out.

GT Outpost Disc

They wanted to see the bikes too. Together, we walked back to Rodalink and showed them some stuff. After about 15minutes, SC and I went home to check for the bike online while AP, AM and KK went to the bank.

Had "fan shu tong sui" for supper

SC gave me a crash-course about bicycle stuff. Frames, rims, brands, equipment and other stuff. At 10pm, he showed me all he could. Then, he showed me a game named "FarCry". After that, I said bye to everyone and went home.

At home, I used my laptop and charged my phone. Showered and came out to continue chatting and using the laptop. At 11pm, I started blogging. It's 12.10am now. Going to sleep after I add pics. Wish me luck for tomorrow's exam...

**According to AM, the brat read this post and she CRIED! Hopefully she learnt her lesson. If this post could make LZ a better person, I deserve a BIG present from WM!**

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