Sunday, November 23, 2008

Learning New Stuff

Woke up at 10.50am and saw dad outside. I quickly asked him to help me look for the way to JJ's house. After about half an hour, he identified and taught me the way. Took the rest of the time to facebook and get ready for the party.

Left the house at 12.30pm. I followed dad's directions but still took the wrong road. I u-turned back into the highway and after a while, I ended up in Sri Petaling. I stopped the car and called dad. He then asked me to go by another way.

At 1.30pm, I finally found the housing area with the help of my memories (from looking at the online map). Just as I reached, JJ called me. I told him I parked in front of AL's car and he walked out to bring me to his house.

Everyone seemed to be waiting for me to arrive (VIP haha) because once I arrived, they OFFICIALLY started the party. We had some spaghetti, duck, chicken, sushi and many other food. They also made a punch out of Ice Cream Soda with Mint Leaves and some Lemon. Yummy.

After some chatting, we decided to tour JJ's room. About 7 of us squeezed inside his room and explored it. After some discussion, we went back down. The cake cutting ceremony was at 3pm. His Black Sesame Birthday Cake was nice!

We hung around till about 5pm before going home. I managed to find my way home without any help. Kinda proud of myself, haha. Earlier, I taught myself a way to ease the Avanza from the bumps. I tested it on the way back and it was so satisfying.

Reach home at 5.30pm. No one was home except the Indian cleaner. Came upstairs to use the laptop for awhile. To ease my curiosity, I called M and asked her where were the rest of the people.

She told me that mum and dad are going for a dinner and asked me to drive to SS's house so that we can go for dinner together. After I took my bath, I drove to SS's house. Before that, I dropped by 112 and gave AM her receipt.

Reached SS's house at about 6.30pm. It was already raining while I drove here. Somehow, the traffic wasn't that congested. They were watching Wall-E in SS's house. After awhile, I fell asleep.

Woke up at 7pm and waited for SS to come home. After she showered and Wall-E ended, we went to 1u to meet up with DG and her family. SS went to meet them while M and I browsed a new (to us) of the mall.

After 20 minutes of deciding where to eat, we finally went to Kura at 8.10 pm. The 14 of us (including baby XZ) sat inside a room. I ordered Hot Green Tea and Beef Teppanyaki Set (RM 35). While waiting for the food to come, we played some games among ourselves.

Beef Teppanyaki Set - RM 35

My dish was the last few to arrive. It came with many side dishes which I struggled to finish. The beef was too tough and I didn't like it that much. At the end of the day, everyone finished what they ordered EXCEPT me who still had a little bit of vegetable left.

SS paid the RM 393.30 bill. A big THANK YOU to him! We left the place at about 10pm. Dropped SS, SS and K home at about 10.30pm. Then, I drove the rest back to our house and reached home at 10.50pm.

Came upstairs and chatted online for awhile. Then, I spend some time to facebook and blog. It is 12.26am now. Better sleep after I post the pictures. Night...

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