Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Last QM Class!!

Woke up a few times during my sleep last night. Woke up at 8am today. Showered and got dressed. Then, used the laptop and waited for the other 2 to wake up. At 9.30am, I woke them up and they got ready.

Just before mum left the house, she realised her car tire had been punctured. Since she had an appointment, I had to let her drive my car for the day. Because of that, AL had to send me to college and I was supposed to find my own way home after class!

Flat tire!! Haha!!

We drove thru McD for Brunch. I ordered a Sausage Mc Muffin and a Coffee. Total Rm 8 for me. AL and ZS ordered the Move It Breakfast Meal. Got a free Banana Pie because we had the Drive Thru Sticker.

We reached APIIT just in time for class. But, we didn't go into class until we finished our burgers. We brought the coffee into class though. Mrs Kwan didn't really teach us today. She just let us ask her questions and let us do our own work.

After class, we went to the Raoltz booth in the Foyer to check out the new online game. After 15 minutes, we went outside. There was a Malaysian Today truck there and they were giving free drinks of "revive". We went there to take some free drinks.

After chatting with the girls there, they asked us if we wanted to play a game. Being sporting, all of us took part in the "celebrity" game. We were supposed to think of celebrity names. If the previous person said Celine Dion, the next guy must say a name starting with "N".

In the end, AL and AC were the last 2 standing. AL was given 2 movie tickets to watch ANY movie and AC was given a Keane CD. We walked to our cars and drove to cars out for lunch.

We ended up eating lunch in Lucky. I was still full from the Breakfast so I didn't eat anything. I just ordered a Iced White Kopi to drink which costs me RM 1.80. At 1.30pm, we left the place.

Reached ENT3 at 1.40pm but Mr Jonathan wasn't here yet. The whole class was present because there was a class test today. When Mr Jonathan arrived at 2.30pm, he told us the test was postponed!

He then gave us some tips on where to focus for our exam. After an hour of explaining, he then taught us the format of a Short Report. He then dismissed the class at 3.45pm.

AL dropped ZS and I at APIIT and 5 minutes later, Dad came to pick me up. He then drove to JPJ in PJ to settle his customer's road tax. I waited in the car for about 20 minutes before he came out.

Then, we went to Northpoint to settle our VAIO. There was no parking in Northpoint so we came out and parked in Gardens. From there, we walked to MV and then walked to Northpoint. Finally, we arrived at Sony Service Center.

After about half an hour inside, they told us that the RM 1482 was to repair the crack and dent ONLY. They won't charge us for the sound problem! So, dad agreed to let them fix the problem WITHOUT letting them fix the dent and crack (which is totally pointless).

There was some miscommunication with the lady and my mum which wasted our time. Anyway, it doesn't matter anymore because in a few more days, the VAIO will be fixed, hopefully...

Dad and I then walked back to our car and went home. Once I turned on the Vostro, dad said he needed it. So, I went off and let him use it. I watched M play some games and I went to shower later.

All of us had dinner at 7.20pm. Dad then brought the Vostro for his appointment at about 7.40pm. Since I had no laptop to use, I stayed downstairs to watch TV. Out of boredom, M and I watched "21" till 10.30pm.

The movie was kinda slow-moving and it wasn't that great. After that, we watched Predator CSI till 11pm. Just then, dad came back. So, I quickly came up and used the laptop. Facebooked, FBM and wrote yesterday's post till 12.20am.

Then, I continued to write today's post. It is already 1.03am now. Should be sleeping after I finish this post. Night...

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