Thursday, November 13, 2008

End of Week 12

Woke up at 9.30am today. Used the laptop and discussed with AL about lunch. AC and DY were busy so we decided to call off our lunch. I showered and brought M to McD for breakfast/lunch.

I dropped her there just in time because she wanted to order from the breakfast menu. After I parked my car, I paid RM 0.60 for the parking. The only reason I paid is because everyone else did the same.

I ordered a Move It Meal for RM 15.35 after tax. I saw the guy making my green drink. Now, I know how they make it. They just add some green colouring into the Sprite and add some pineapple!

Move It Meal RM 15.35

The Burger - Chicken McDeluxe

I brought y food upstairs and started eating. The burger was ordinary but I still liked the Big N Tasty more. I poured the flavouring onto half of the fries. The other half was smothered in salt. The drink wasn't special at all. Just sprite...

Our Receipts - Total RM 20++

M went to donate RM2 to the RMCC. We got a car sticker for that. She pasted it on my windscreen and we went home.It was only 12pm so I hung around, played some uno stacko and ate some ice cream (CREMERIA!) till 1pm.

Then, I drove to APIIT and reached class at 1.20pm. As usual, Mr Jonathan was late. He came in just before 2pm. The remaining 2 groups presented their products. Class ended after they finished their presentation.

We hung around editing assignments and watching some show. After that, we went to the lab to print the King and Queen application form for AL and ZS. Then, we went to Student Services. The receptionist said a photo was compulsory so we went off.

We went to the cafeteria and bought some stuff to eat. I bought Kopiko and a can of Nescafe. AL and KW shared the food they bought with us. After eating, we went into our CT class. She gave us 2 sets of tutorial questions and asked us to do it.

After about one and a half hours, she stopped the class and gave us another long lecture about us not being serious. She even told us not to beg her when we had poor results. Some of them said "as if we would beg you, don't think your so smart!" in their hearts.

Anyway, she discussed the tutorial questions till question 3 and dismissed the class. Our group went forward to let her review our assignment after she took attendance. After about 15 minutes, she finished giving us comments and we left the class.

AL, ZS, KW and I went to the lab and printed 2 headshots of ZS and AL. I suggested to AL to print other pictures together with theirs so that they fully utilize the RM1 they are paying. So, we occupied the 7/8 of the page with Heroes' promo pics and the 1/8 was their faces.

After printing, AL borrowed glue, scissors and stapler from the printing guy. He cut their faces and pasted it onto the application form. Then, we went downstairs to hand it in. I left them alone and went to meet up with AM.

It was raining so AM borrowed an umbrella from the Student Services Receptionist. On the way out, we saw her colleague Miss K. She and her neighbor PS, gave us a lift to my car. Then, I drove home.

Dropped AM at 112 and drove back home. It was drizzling when I got down. Used the laptop till 7pm. Then, M and I cycled down to 112. We went cycling with AM till 7.30pm. Then, we went back to 112.

YM came out and the four of us walked to Sri Nirvana for dinner. AM and I ordered the Vege Meal (RM5) while YM ordered Roti Tampal and M ordered Roti Planta. I ordered Teh Tarik too.

Vege Meal Set on Banana Leaf - Rm5

After finishing the meal, I was SO full. I didn't even ask for any refill. The teh tarik tonight is also very yummy unlike the other morning. We chatted and suddenly said that AM and YM was old. Then, they jokingly asked us to pay for the meal!

YM paid RM 28 for our meal. While walking home, it started to drizzle. We went inside 112 and used the laptop till about 10.40pm. We had so much fun chatting and using the laptop. Realizing how late it was, we cycled home.

Reached home and used the laptop. Chatted with SS and SS through MSN with the Bravia as the screen. Went to have a quick shower after that. Then, started to write this post. Got stuck and did some chatting and installing instead.

It is 1.48am now. Should sleep early because of the gathering later today. Bye...

**forgot to mention that J scored 4A1B in her UPSR**

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