Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Rain, Food, Bike, Chat

Woke up and used the laptop as usual. Drove to APIIT with only biscuits for breakfast. It was raining while I was driving. When I reached TPM, it hasn't rained yet. Saw DY and waited for him.

He spend more than 5 minutes adjusting his ticket. By the time he was done, it started to drizzle. We quickly walked to APIIT. Once we reached the main building, I realized I left my student ID in the car.

So, we waited till there was many people going in. Then, DY blocked me from the guard's view by showing Mr Guard his ID. I was surprised by the stupidity of the guard. Anyway, we went to class.

We were 10 minutes early and most of the class wasn't here yet. AL didn't come today because he wasn't well. Class started and Mrs Kwan gave us "exam-format" exercises to do. Spend the whole class concentrating on this. We chatted of course.

After class, KW didn't follow us for lunch because he had some meeting for his CT assignment. The 6 of us (AC, LY, ZS, ML, DY and I) squeezed into AC's Wira and went to Old Town. Just 6 days ago, I came here with AC.

This time, I ordered a Hainanese Chicken Chop Rice Set and a Kaya Butter Toast. The chicken wasn't nice. It just didn't taste nice. Dunno what to say. It was my first time trying the Kaya Butter Toast and it was NICE!

Chicken Rice Set with Ice Lemon Tea - RM 9.80

Kaya Butter Toast (Single)- RM 1.30

Bill that comes with Model - RM 80.10

Paid the bill and we went back to ENT3 for Procom. We waited from 1.45pm till 2.10pm before Mr Jonathan came in. We were hoping Mr Anthony came and spot check us. Then, Mr Jonathan will be the one in DEEP trouble.

He came in and taught us about Negotiation Skills. After class, I dropped KW at the LRT. Drove home and used the laptop for awhile and went to shower. Then, I drove to 112.

LZ was doing her homework and I asked her to hurry up so that I can teach her how to solve the Rubik's cube. We continued from yesterday's lesson. By 7pm, she can complete step 2 without fail.

I taught her step 3 and 4 too but she hasn't got the hang of it. CA, WM and LZ came to 112. AM also came home. Together, the eight of us ate dinner together. CA checked out my phone and said he was hungry after looking at the food pics in my phone. Haha.

After dinner, I continued teaching LZ. This time, we weren't that focus anymore because we were watching Phua Chu Kang on NTV7. When the show was over, AM and I rode the bikes up t Terasek 1.

10 minutes later, we came back because there was something wrong with the gear ( I didn't shift it properly). But when we reached 112, the problem was automatically solved. Then, SC came along with us.

We cycled to my house. Just then, dad and M came back from TMC. They talked for awhile and we went back to 112. AM made mango juice again and we chatted. Suddenly, SC's lips bled profusely!

I was so shocked. It was just like some movie. After some washing and pressure, the bleeding stopped. We sat and brainstormed of the many crazy ways to get dad to by me a bike (those RM 1k+ ones).

We watched TV till 11pm. Then, I decided to go home. Turned on the laptop and realized that some members in my team don't have enough slides to present. So, I spent time choosing who presents what.

Then, I started blogging at 12am. Stopped and discussed some stuff with AC and the others. It is 1am now and I finally finished this post. Wish me luck for tomorrow's presentation. Bye!

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