Saturday, November 22, 2008

The 2nd Time

Woke up at 6am in the morning and heard my annoying alarm. As I went to turn it off, I saw SC's message (sent at 3.23am) saying he had food poisoning so he can't go to FRIM. So, I went back to sleep and woke up at 10.50am.

Went downstairs since I had no laptop to use (dad took the Vostro for his appointment). We watched Amazing Race and THREE episodes of The Nanny afterwards. We turned off the TV at 1pm before we went out for lunch.

Dad brought us to this place in Pudu called "Huat Kee Fish Ball Noodles". I ordered a Kuew Yeoy Soup with Fish Balls. Dad also ordered an extra plate of fish cake to share. I didn't order drinks.

It is RM 4.50 no matter what you order

RM 6 fish cakes...

My noodles was okay. Nothing quite special. The expensive fish cakes (RM 6 for a small bowl) were also nothing much different. After eating, dad paid the bill (RM 33 for food and RM 3 for drinks).

We reached home at 2.30pm and decided to watch KungFuPanda on the TV. Everyone sat there for about 2 hours watching that funny show except J. The storyline was abit expected and it wasn't as funny as I thought it would be.

Came upstairs and used the laptop for awhile. Then, M and I spent 1.5 hours watching an episode of HotShot. It was already 6.30pm then. So, we decided to go for a bike ride. After half an hour of riding around our housing area, we came back home.

Dad packed some food back for us. GM went for a dinner far away from town while Dad and Mum went for a friends 50th Birthday celebration. So, the kids were alone. We ate our food and watched Teen Titans.

At 7.30pm, I came upstairs and turned on the laptop. Then, YM invited me through MSN to go to 112 for CS LAN party. I told them the VAIO as been sent for service and invited them up here instead.

After some preparation, they arrived at 8.30pm. I also invited LC who arrived at about 8.40pm. We took some time to get ready and settle down. The party officially started at 9pm. The 6 of us played and had fun till it was 12am!!

YM, AM and SC left at 12am and LC went home at 12.30am. Had some pastry that dad heated up. Then, I came back up to use the laptop. After settling some facebook stuff, it was 1am. Then, I started to blog. It's 1.26 now. Will sleep after I upload the pictures...

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