Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Uninteresting Day

Woke up at 7.30am and used the laptop till 8.10am. Then, I went to shower and get ready. Drove to 112 and left my bag there. Then, AM and I walked to Sri Nirvana for breakfast.

A trainee served us and he was quite blur. After we ordered a Roti Canai, a Roti Planta and 2 Teh Tarik, he didn't even give us the bill. We waited for our food to come and was wondering if he sent in the right order.

Roti Planta with Dahl and Teh Tarik

Our food came and we ate our breakfast and chatted. The Roti Planta was nice (at certain parts only) but the Teh Tarik was BAD! It was so tasteless!! It used to be very nice. Maybe the regular guy works the night shift...

AM went to buy but the cashier was confused because we didn't have the bill. Then, the trainee took out our bill from his pocket. Haih... Anyway, AM paid off and we went home. I then drove AM to APIIT.

I dropped her in APIIT and went to park my car at the "reserved" parking. I smsed AC while in the car. We chatted with a "party" style. He told me he would be late 20 minutes because of the "paparazzi".

I went to APIIT and called ZS. He was in the lab so I went to look for him. KW was there with him too. I turned on the computer and used it to check some stuff. At 10.30am, we went down to class.

Mrs Kwan revised some stuff. Then, she let us continue with our revision exercise. After class, we went to Mooi Mooi for lunch. ZS, AC and I didn't order drinks because of that lady again. Then, we ordered our rice (mine is Char Siew and Siew Yoke for RM 4.80).

When the drinks arrived, AC asked for a cup of "leong sui". Immediately, the lady said "no more" in Cantonese. AC gave his "emo" face again. Then, DY ordered a "leong sui" to see what she has to say.

As I expected, the lady nodded and brought one here. AC paid for it and I told him she probably spat inside. We continued eating our lunch while thinking of ways to show her how unhappy we are.

One of the ideas was to bring our own drinks and slam it on the table the next time we come here. Before we left, they put soaked some tissue into the chicken's soy sauce. Then, they threw some into the cups so that it will be hard to clean.

KW followed AL and MY to eat Cendol on the way back. The rest of us in AC's car dropped by iShoppe for the first time in our lives. I bought a Magnum Almond Ice Cream and a packet of Mamee (to return it to E).

Then, we went to ENT3 for our class. We used our laptop until Mr Jonathan arrived. KS's group (razors) presented their product. When it was time to vote, only 9/24 (37.85%) raised their hands. For ARAS (BN's group), we voted a lot to show how much we dislike KS.

The two other groups that were supposed to present their products were postponed because of the lack of time. Mr Jonathan took our attendance and dismissed us. The clouds were dark outside. I quickly dropped KW and went home.

Once in the highway, it started to rain. After I reached home, I stayed in the car for a few minutes to wait for the rain to die down. It was still drizzling when I went into the house. Turned on the laptop and started using it.

Facebooked till about 5.30pm. Then, I started to write this post. Took a short nap at about 6.40pm. Woke up at 7.10pm and went downstairs. Ate dinner with E and mum at 7.30pm.

Showered and continued using the laptop. Went downstairs to watch Phua Chu Kang at 8.30pm. Then, watched Tom And Jerry Show. After that, watched Pink Panther show, Suite Life of Zack and Cody and AFV.

Otai Chicken Burger

Watched "Fearless Planet-Hawaii" from 11pm to 12am. Dad brought supper home at 11.10pm. The Otai burger was soft and nice. Finished it in about 5 minutes. Night...

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