Thursday, November 27, 2008

Malaysia's Funniest Story

A car passed by MV. Suddenly, a funny cracking sound is heard. Everyone looks for the source. They then saw a Toyota Avanza dragging a 50 meter long plastic chain! Everyone was in shock and so where the drivers. The car only stopped after reaching Lucky Garden.

That's me. I should start from how I went to MV.

At about 7.30pm, M called me and asked me to pick her and her friends from MV. I drove all the way to the South Court taxi stand to look for them. I didn't see them so I stopped next to the bus stop where there were some cones connected by the yellow plastic chain.

I went too close to the chain so M and her friends had to take a big step up my car. After I drove, we heard a snapping sound. I was confused because I was sure I didn't hit anything. All the way back to Lucky Garden, we heard some weird noise.

My passengers then tried to peek at the back and saw a LONG and I mean REALLY LONG yellow chain being dragged by my Avanza. We then came to the theory (which was correct) that CK (M's friend), closed the door with a small bit of chain trapped in between. So, we yanked the whole stretch of chain!

We kept laughing about it because it seemed so impossible! Just thinking of what those people in the bus stop would have thought makes me laugh! How about the MV guard? Was he mad, surprised or shocked?? What a crazy day!

I finally stopped at Lucky Garden because a Police on motorbike was trailing me. I was worried he would ask me to explain or something like that. Once I stopped the car, he just went off without stopping.

All of us got down and I finally saw the chain for myself. It was about 50m (3 cars long). Once CK opened the door, the front end of the chain fell to the ground. We looked at it for awhile and took some pictures.

Click on the pictures to see the REAL LENGTH of the chain!

CK and OJS used their leg to gather the chain. Then, I dropped CK and OJS at Nam Chuan. I suppose if someone passes by Dominos in Lucky Garden, they would still be able to see the chain for themselves.

At home, I told dad about it. M kept saying we should report to the police or take the chain and give it back to MV. She was so worried and paranoid about me getting into trouble. Haha.

On the other hand, dad kept saying it was not a serious problem and we shouldn't bother about it. He also said that I should have brought the chain home so I could tie my BIKE!!

Now I just hope that no accidents was caused by this. Who knows? Maybe someone was frozen in shock after seeing my car. Maybe in that shock, he crashed his car? Haha, if that really happened, I'm truly sorry!

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