Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Not Such A Lucky Day

AC called me at 9am. I was still blur when answering the phone. I then realized I had badminton at 9am!! I quickly apologized because I thought he was already there. He told me he just picked ZS and is on the way.

I quickly washed up and got ready. Waited for AC to pick me from my house. At 9.20am, he arrived and we drove to BSC. Amazingly the court we booked was empty. Usually, we had to chase (kindly tell) the previous players that it was our court.

Just as I poured the shuttlecocks out, a Chinese lady shouted that it was her court. I showed her my receipt and she started bickering that it was her court and it had clashed and asked me to go tell the guy.

While looking for her receipt she still continued to crap. When she showed me the receipt, she was still making annoying sounds. I then SHUT HER UP by pointing out to her that she BOOKED court B and C!!

That idiot then quietly went away to court C to chase the other players away. Ignoring them, we went on with our game. AL and MY came at around 9.35am, we played till 11am and bought some 100plus during our break.

After the game, we came home and took turns to shower. After that, we spend some time playing "Taboo" and "Guess Who". ZS helped me download Heroes 10 before we went out for lunch at 12pm.

We wanted to eat at Capri Cafe but then it was closed. So, AC suggested we try Ipoh Old Town. The old lady waitress was so RUDE! We nearly wanted to leave right after we ordered!

Hakka Noodles with Mince Meat

My Hakka Noodles with Mince Meat was served. It was okay and the price was still reasonable. On the other hand, my Iced Ipoh White Coffee was nice but TOO UNREASONABLY PRICED! It was RM 4 for an iced cup compared to the Rm 2.20 hot white coffee!

Whenever we wanted something, we asked the pregnant waitress that was so patient and kind. After we were done, I went to pay the bill RM 60.60 and they paid me back later. AC went straight home while the four of us came back to my house.

We played a game of "monopoly". At 2.30pm, MY left for college. After opening the door for her, we continued the game. In the end, AL won! It was his first time playing so I guess it was "beginner's luck".

Heroes just finished downloading before we ended the game. We went down to eat some ice cream before coming back to my room and watch Heroes. After that, we spent the rest of our time playing other board games like "Cluedo", "Boogle" and "guess who". I won all 3 rounds of Cluedo!!

At 7.20pm, we drove to Sri Petaling. Due to the jam near Sri Petaling, we only reached MY's house at 8pm. After she hopped in, we drove to the Pasar Malam. It was drizzling when we bought our food.

ZS and I shared the stuff we bought. Some chicken pieces called "Nuggeto" and some Taiwanese Pizza. Just when I thought we could buy many new and interesting food to try, it started to rain HEAVILY!

Nuggeto - RM 5.50

Red Bean Ice Cream - RM 1

We made our way to shelter but still got wet eventually. We then realized we didn't have enough food to fill our stomach. So, we walked to KFC and bought some stuff. I ordered a Zinger Burger. The cashier here was so rude too! I still remember that Malay PITA girl's name, Liza.

Zinger Burger from KFC

So, while waiting for our food (we had to wait 5 minutes for ZS's toasted twister), we ate our night market food next to the cashier! When ZS's Toasted Twister arrived, she sort of threw the thing at us!

It was still raining so we went to MY's house to dry ourselves before eating all the food we bought. While eating, we watched AOD too. At 9.20pm, we finished our food and I drove us home.

After all of us showered, we played another round of "monopoly". This time, ZS won (with my help). The game ended at 11pm. AL and I used our laptops while ZS watched 100% Entertainment and Love Bread on my TV.

We finished watching Love Bread at 2am. ZS and I went to bed while AL was still playing DOTA...

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