Monday, November 10, 2008

Its Already Week 12

Woke up by my alarm at 8am. Used the laptop and went down to eat a few pieces of chocolate as breakfast. Showered, got ready and drove to TPM. I wanted to buy breakfast from McD so I smsed ZS, AL and AC and asked them if they wanted anything.

I didn't bother asking DY because I don't want him to owe me money which he will most probably pay after few weeks. I drove through McD and ordered a Sausage McMuffin Set (for me), Fillet O' Fish Set (for AL) and a cup of coffee (for AC).

My set and AL's was RM 4.90 each. AC's coffee was RM 3.10. It is actually crazy to sell the coffee at such a price. I paid and drove to TPM. Saw DY and AL parking. AL and DY wanted to park at the illegal lane.

Then, a TPM worker came in a motorbike and asked us to park in the monthly reserved parking area. Surprised, AL parked his car at the reserved parking area. DY followed suit. We walked to APIIT with our food in hand.

Went to one of the rooms outside the 2nd floor classes to eat our breakfast. The food was okay but the coffee was messy.

My Breakfast Burger (RM 4.90) and AC's Coffee (RM 3.10)

We went in class just in time (10.35am) and gave AC his coffee. Mrs Kwan revised the graph chapter with us. For the rest of the time, she asked us to do last week's exercise. she hinted al zs and i kena plagiarism. I DONT CARE. WE WILL GET OUR ORIGINAL MARKS!!
After class, we went to Pizza Hut in 2 cars. AC's and DY's. AC parked at an illegal spot near Pizza Hut. AL, ZS, MY and I shared the 2-regular-pizza set. AC, DY, KW and ML ordered the "flavours of the world" set. MY arrived and our food started to come.

Japanese-Italian Square Pizza

Hawaiian Chicken And Seafood Pizza (regular)

They said the "Japanese-Italian" pizza was nice. The drink that came with it wasn't that nice though. Our 2 regular pizzas (Hawaiian Chicken and Seafood) was nice. We shared our refillable Coke with the other four.

MY had to go so we packed 2 pieces of pizza for her to eat in the car. After we finished our food and paid, ML saw a traffic police writing a summon. AC and DY rushed down to check their cars. After getting our change, I peeked down and saw AC holding a summon.

AC's Summon - RM100

AC came back up and we went to Secret Recipe. We bought JW a slice of Cappuccino Cheese Cake for her birthday. The cake was RM 6.60 and they charged us RM 1 for 11 candles. Then, we went back to AC's car.

AS we were leaving, a lady parked next to us in the illegal spot. AL showed her our ticket and she understood what we meant. She quickly drove away and reparked her car. Then, we went back to APIIT for our class. Miss Intan taught us about output devices today.

During the break, we took out the cake and lighted the candles. J came to sit in front of us and we sang her a birthday song. She made her wish and blew the candles. Then, we packed the cake and let JW bring it home to enjoy.



Wishing & Blowing

Blew (zoom to see smoke)


The class continued for another hour. At 3.45pm, we were dismissed. We sat there to discuss about tomorrow's outing. Then, we went home. AL dropped me at my car and I dropped KW at the LRT.

At home, I used the laptop to blog and showered. I smsed AM and asked her when will she be cycling. At 6.30pm, she told me she is on the way back and asked me to go to 112 to wait for her. At 6.40pm, I rode down.

KK was outside when I reached 112. He told me AM wasn't back yet. After parking my bike, AM came back just in time. Her colleague Mr C (aka Sammi Cheng) said my bike looked nice. Thank you!

AP gave me this "homemade tomato-grapes milk shake" to try. Weird.

AM went to change and I helped her carry SC's bike out. Then, KK rode AM's bike, AM rode SC's and I rode mine. We cycled up to Terasek 1 and went to Terasek 2. Then, we went back to T1 and rode downhill.

The ride was okay but I kept falling from my bike whenever I go slow. The back of my bike kept producing some weird sound. Going to let SC check that out some time this week.

When it was over, I left 112 and rode home. This time, it didn't feel that tiring. Back at home, we waited for E to shower. Then, dad drove us to PJ for dinner.
pee not pain
We went to this shop called Strawberry Fields. They specialize in Malaysian, Thai and Western cuisine. It is inside MPPJ square and just few shops away from the famous duck rice. They had Channel MTV and some nice deco.


Strawberry Fields


The food wasn't that good though. I ordered a Fish and Chips, Mum ordered a Pinapple Fried Rice, E ordered Spaghetti and J ordered Carbonara. We also ordered a JUG of Ice Lemon Tea.

JUG of Ice Lemon Tea - RM 10.50

My fish and chips was worst than Pang's. The spaghetti was NOT nice and J didn't like the Carbonara. The only thing nice was mum's pineapple rice which I tasted.

Fish and Chips - RM 9.50

Pineapple Fried Rice - RM 7.60

Receipt - RM 44.85

Dad had to eat some of our leftovers. Packed E's spaghetti home and dad paid. Only cash is accepted. We then drove to SS's house to pick M up. Dad showed me the way out of PJ back to BU. Learned something new today.

Back at home, I turned on the laptop to facebook and blogged. I had written half my day with another half left to write. Unfortunately, I kept chatting here and there until I get distracted. Its 1am already and I'm typing this sentence...

SC told me 2 of his friends read my blog. I told SC about my bike problems. Then, chatted with AC, AL and ZS about tomorrow's trip. At 12.20am, AL introduced me to this guy called WP. We talked about Eumora till about 1am (now).

Going to sleep after I post the pictures (18 pics, OMG) and write captions. Night...

**With dad's knowledge, I managed to get AC to negotiate and AC ended up paying only RM 20 for the RM100 Summon**

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