Monday, November 24, 2008

Never Buy Sony VAIO Laptops!!

*This post is the only BIASED post I have so far. It is only my personal experience and point of view. I have no intentions of defaming SONY in anyway.*

NEVER BUY Sony VAIO Laptops!! I repeat, NEVER BUY Sony VAIO Laptops!! Especially the CR models.

I got that piece of junk for free because mum reached a specific amount of sales last year. We received this block of metal on March this year. It is a lousy 1GB RAM, Sony VAIO VGN-CR22G. 200gb Hard Disk and White in colour.

After using it for the first few times, I noticed that there is some problems with the battery. I started telling the people I knew to NOT buy VAIO. Few weeks later, the problem was gone and I had not problems.

Around June, I noticed that the sound driver is faulty. Everytime after hibernation, there would NOT be ANY SOUND produced no matter what you do. I decided to live with it and re-hibernated it whenever I wanted SOUND.

I googled the problem and found out through some forums and boards that MANY OTHER VAIO OWNERS SUFFER THE SAME PROBLEM!! I told dad about it and he told me to get it serviced while the warranty is still there.

I ignored dad's advice. At around September, the sound goes OFF even WITHOUT HIBERNATING!! I searched online alternative methods to fix this. I then found a very effective but troublesome way.

Everytime the sound went off, I had to turn off all sound related programs. Then, I had to disable the sound driver from "Device Manager". After re-enabling it, the problem would be solved, TEMPORARILY!

The other alternative way is to quickly make use of the sounds WITHIN 30seconds after start-up. So, everytime I turn on the laptop, I quickly turned on WMA and kept all my songs playing...

On last Friday, I got fed up and decided to send it to Service. Mum brought me to the Sony Service Center in Northpoint, Mid Valley. I was looking forward to using the VAIO again WITHOUT its stupid problem.

When I came back from college today, M told me that Mum got a call asking her to PAY for the repair. Their lame excuse was because the laptop have been DROPPED (by me) and it is dented in one corner.

They are just giving a lame excuse to charge us RM 1482.00 just to repair that piece of SHIT! With RM 1.4k, we could easily get a fully functional second-hand laptop. Sony is CRAZY and CHEAP. What kind of customer service is this?

There are at least 1000 people having the same problem (this is just an estimation)! Could it be that ALL 1000 OF US DROPPED ALL OUR 1000 LAPTOPS??

OBVIOUSLY, there is something wrong with the factory production line that made not one, but MANY audio-faulty VAIOs!

Anyway, as a conclusion, I'm going to collect that piece of RJS (Rubbish, Junk and Shit) tomorrow without it getting repaired. This would be the FIRST and LAST VAIO in the family.

Message to everyone: NEVER buy SONY VAIO or you will REGRET!!

Message to SONY: Considering the way you treat your customers, I can foresee your downfall in the near future!

**Going to stick with Dell for now...**


  1. Sony is good @ Nothing, look for sony batteries that have blown other laptops into pieces of roasted junks. Well done SONY! :) Luckily I do not have any SONY products AT ALL!

    Pity you, ZH...with RM1.4K + 0.4, U can get a new "ACER ASPIRE 4530" with Nvidia GeForce 9100M... still better than your white junk...LOL


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