Thursday, November 20, 2008

Oh No, Week 13 is OVER!!

Woke up at about 9.30am today. Gm heated up some pies for me while I cleaned and fixed my bike. After about 1 hour, my rear wheel could spin much better (3 rounds before stopping) and the bike was much cleaner overall.

I ate my pies while reading an sms. AL asked me to go for lunch and I told him that I'll be ready in 45 minutes. I quickly turned on the laptop to facebook but i was having problems with the website. I checked on my FBM and went to shower.

I left the house after I was ready. Reached TPM at about 11.30am. I waited in the car for AL, ZS and AC. Suddenly, a bird knocked itself on my side window. I was kinda surprised and amused at the same time. It even left some residue of its food and also some saliva!

Few minutes later, AC and ZS arrived. We parked our cars at another place. Then, we hopped into AL's car and he drove us to Seri Kembangan. As usual, we went to Yoke Heng for lunch.

We ordered Lou Shu Fan (2 servings), Man Yee Min (2 servings), Fried Rice (2 servings) and a plate of vege. We also ordered a pot of Kuk Po. The food was good and so was the company. Had fun insulting each other (mostly teasing AC)!

Ngar Pou Lou Shu Fun

Mun Yee Min

Fried Rice

Choi Dam - Nice!

After paying for the lunch (RM 43 total), we went back to APIIT. It was only 12.45pm and we had another hour to spare. We played some CS and did some touch up on our assignments before Mr Jonathan came.

He talked briefly and gave us some topics to focus on. For the rest of the time, he just sat there and did his own work! I couldn't do much because my laptop ran out of battery. I watched AL and the others play FOC till the class ended.

We then went to class and noticed that the lecturer wasn't in yet. So, AL, KW, ZS and I went to the Convenience Store to buy some stuff. KW and AL bought Maggi Mee and I bought a can of Nescafe Black Roast.

Then, we went for CT class. She gave us tutorial questions for Chapter 8 and 9. Then, Miss Intan gave us about an hour to do it. After that, she discussed Tutorial 7 and 8 with us. Before the class ended, she took our attendance and gave us our CSFF forms.

It was drizzling so I quickly walked to get my car. Dropped KW off as usual before reaching home. The traffic wasn't that bad today. Reached home at 6pm. Ate one small piece of Chocolate Indulgence (my birthday cake) and went upstairs.

After settling some facebook stuff, M and I got ready to cycle. Once I opened the door, I realised it was raining! So, we cancelled our ride and went upstairs. Used the laptop till about 7.10pm. Then, came down for dinner.

Watched an episode of The Nanny till 8pm and followed by an episode of Oprah Show. At 9pm, we watched The Amazing Race Asia Finale. The winners were the 2 guys from Hong Kong. The Malaysian team got third.

Came up and used the laptop. Settled some stuff on my external hard disk and started burning HotShot into DVD. Used the laptop till about 11.30pm. Then, played CS till 12.30am for M to see. Then, I started blogging till 2am...

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