Friday, November 28, 2008

Wild Night!

Woke up at 10.40am today. Used the laptop till 12.30pm. Showered and got ready. Went to pick ZS from APIIT at 1pm. Then, we went to MY's house to meet up with MY and AL. Then, we went to eat Cendol at a nearby stall.

The stall had NO tables but yet they had about 30 customers willing to sit on chairs and eat. The cendol I ordered had Glutinous Rice, Corn and Red Beans inside! It was also too sweet for me. I forgot to bring my wallet (IC and Driving license too!) so AL paid for me.

Roadside Stall Cendol in Sri Petaling

It was 2.20pm then. AL drove us to Old Klang Road because MY wanted to buy a compass and take some pictures of an old house for her assignment. Then, we went to Fatimah Church in Brickfields to take some pictures.

After that, we drove to the Mosque in Bangsar to take some pictures too. MY didn't have a "tudung" and I was wearing shorts. So, AL and ZS went in to take some pictures. After that, we dropped by my house to take my stuff and print my free birthday movie ticket.

AL left the 2 free movie tickets (won from Malaysian Today) in his car and we were in MY's car. So, we drove all the way back to MY's house. After that, we went in my car and MY's car to MV.

We found a parking space at 4.30pm. I then realised that I left my complimentary birthday movie ticket at home. Haih. So, ZS and I ended up paying for the 2 tickets to watch Madagascar while MY and AL got it free.

At 4.45pm, we went to McD. I wanted to buy the Happy Meal but cancelled the order at the last minute because they didn't have Marty the Zebra. Then, we went in the cinema in time for Madagascar 2.

Overall, the movie was fun. It was kinda touching when the Giraffe said he loved the Hippo. The show ended at 6.40pm. We went to toilet after that. Then, ZS and I drove to MY's car. AL then hopped into my car and we drove to Sunway Pyramid.

We parked our car and took the lift to the ground floor. Then, we found Republic and lined up. We were here for the Malaysian Today's Heaven & Hell College Night Out! It advertised Free Drinks and Free Entertainment.

We waited in line for quite awhile. About 20 minutes later, the four of us (ZS, AL, DY and I) went in. We had to show our student ID before going in. Then, a guy stamped "Malaysian Today" on our left hand. He also gave each of us 3 "free drinks ticket".

Overflashed and adjusted version of the Voucher

The choices were Rum, Whiskey, Gin, Beer, Cocktail, Vodka, Tequila, Pepsi, 7Up and Ice Lemon Tea. We had 2 different Cocktails, 2 Whiskey, 2 Beer, 1 Gin, 1 Rum, 1 Vodka, 1 Tequila, 1 Pepsi and 1 Ice Lemon Tea.

2 different flavours of Cocktail

Behind: Ice Lemon Tea
Middle: Vodka, Gin, Rum
Front: Tequila

Whiskey, Beer, Beer, Whiskey

My favourite was Whiskey, Gin, Cocktail and Ice Lemon Tea. And the drink I disliked most was the Tequila and Pepsi. The Pepsi was flat without any gas...

There was this King and Queen competition and there were 5 couples. They did some performances and stuff. At around 10pm, it got boring so we just left right after we finished our drinks. In the end, we left 2 cups of mixed drinks on the table.

Leftovers mixed into 2 cups

While walking back inside Sunway Pyramid, ZS spotted Miss Hema eating in some cafe. We waved to her and went in and had a little chat. After that, we came back out. AL and ZS said DY and my face was red. So, we decided to take a picture to check it out.

**Picture would be posted when DY agrees**

We decided to eat our dinner at BBQ Plaza. When we went in, they were already closing but they still accepted our order. We ordered a Family Pork Set for RM 39.90 and Green Tea for RM 2.50 each.

Hot Green Tea

The Empty Stove

Family Pork Set

When the food came, it came along with the bill. This is because they wanted to close their cashier. So, We paid RM 55.90 for the four of us. We stayed there and ate our food. Refilled our tea a couple of times too.

At about 11.20pm, we left the place because we were the only ones in the shop excluding the workers. We went to the lift but forgot where we parked. After checking CP2 and CP3, we went to CP5. At last, we tried CP4 and found my car.

ZS went to pay the parking and we drove out of Sunway. Waited for AL and DY to lead us. After 10 minutes, they passed us and I followed them. Stopped at a Petrol Station for a toilet break. While they were at it, I went to pump petrol for my car.

Then, DY bought lollipop for everyone of us. It was actually the first time he ever "belanja" us anything. We then continued our journey in the rain to Klang. We reached his house at about 12am.

Went in and changed to my shorts. Then, we played about 5 rounds of Cluedo. The fifth round was the best because ZS, DY and I was laughing so hard to confuse AL. In the end, AL hesitated and I won!

At 2am, We decided to go play Cluedo in McD. So, we packed the Cluedo and DY drove us to McD in Bukit Tinggi 2 Petronas. I ordered a Sprite and 2 Apple Pies. AL was already setting up the Cluedo.

When I came back with my food, AL said there were some missing cards. I was disappointed because we wasted our money and time to come McD. Anyway, we sat there gossiping about one of our classmate.

When I ate my Apple Pies, one of them was actually Banana Pie inserted into the Apple Pie packet. Since I didn't mind Banana Pie, I just ate it. Refilled the drinks twice and brought our drinks to DY's house to continue our game at 3am.

Then, we played another 2 rounds of Cluedo but ZS was kinda blurred and gave wrong information due to his tiredness. So, we decided to sleep at 4am after the game ended. They went on talking and chatting till I fell asleep...


  1. did anyone drink the mix up glass? anyone pengsan after that...haha

  2. Nope, nobody dared to drink it. To disappoint you, no body fainted. HEHE!


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