Monday, November 3, 2008


Woke up at 8am by my alarm. Used the laptop till 9am and got ready for class. Left the house at 9.50am and reached APIIT at 10.10am.

The usual car park was full till the end of the road. So, I decided to try my luck at APIIT. I drove in front of APIIT and there was an empty spot, I quickly went and parked there.

AL and AC were waiting for me. We then walked to class. Before that, we went to the admin to submit AL's MC.

Mrs Kwan started the class by giving us a "lecture" apparently, some of our course mates plagiarized their assignment. Then, she went on and taught Linear Programming.

After class, we walked down to get my car. On the way, we saw one of the lift got stuck. Mr Anthony was standing downstairs calling someone to come repair it. Pity those Africans stuck inside.

DY didn't come today and was replaced by LY. We went to Leo's in The Store for lunch. We sat down and ordered while AL and KW walked to another restaurant to buy "pao". I recommended Enchalato to them and so AC and ZS ordered it.

AC suggested Nasi Lemak Rendang so ML, AC, ZS and I ordered it. I ordered a Leo's Milk Tea and LY ordered some weird drink and curry mee. The food came while we were using our laptops. AC was blogging on the spot.

My Milk Tea (RM 2.80) - Not bad

AC taking a pic of his Enchalato

ZS and I had only one drum!

The Extremely Fat and Extremely Thin get extra!!

ZS and my Nasi Lemak had only ONE piece of drumstick while AC and ML had TWO EACH!!! Really unfair. To comfort ourselves, we said that they give according to the person's body size. Hahahah.

AC found "hair" on his EGG!!

They were lucky we didn't wanna complaint!

Anyway, we ate our food while AL and KW ate their "pao". The chicken was quite nice. I preferred this better than old town. My milk tea was good too. Average actually. Owh, and AL said I spread my disease (habit of taking pictures of the food before eating) to AC. Hehe..

After that, AC and ZS bought Gelato. I didn't buy it too because the 50% discount promo was over. To pay double is really NOT WORTH IT! I regretted not buying gelato the first time we went to Leo's.

The Receipt - We paid and left...

AL drove my car back to APIIT. MY car became SUPER noisy suddenly because everyone of us was talking to different people. Stopped by the LRT station and ZS bought a magazine. Then, we continued our journey back.

In CT class, Ms Intan taught us about input devices like readers and scanners. During the break, we went to print our cover page and assignment. While doing some editing (the PowerPoint slides went out of proportion), our PC restarted for maintenance!!

AC and the others got upset because we could have been doing something REALLY important and they went to restart the computer without notifying us. Anyway, I turned on another PC and printed our assignments.

We then went back to class for the rest of our CT lesson. When it was over at 3.40pm, we went downstairs to bind our assignments. Then, we went to submit it to the Admin. We then left TPM and went to our own homes.

Came back and set up the TV in my room. The converter AC gave me couldn't fit my laptop so about half an hour was wasted there. Turned on MSN and WM asked me to go down to their house.

At 5.15pm, I brought my laptop and badminton stuff and went to AM's house. We chat for awhile and AM asked me to accompany her to go cycling. LZ and I followed her. Mum called me and asked me to pick E up. Someone snatched her bag and she injured her finger.

About 5 minutes later, we heard thunder and decided to go back. We had dinner at 6pm because I had to go pick E at 6.40pm and we couldn't eat at 7pm because we had to play badminton at 8pm.

After dinner, AM followed me to pick E up. Just when we reached jalan Maarof, dad called and said he would pick E up. Lucky for us we skipped the jam. Back at AP's house, I turned on the laptop and watched TV.

AM wanted to make me a mango drink so that I would post that on my blog. I requested for it to be more presentable so she came up with the "tri-fruit" idea. Then, KK saw me taking pictures and added a flower. Next, AP added a slice of papaya!

Quad-Fruit Drink (priceless) - Mango, Jackfruit, Banana and Papaya

At 7.50pm, we went to BSC. When we arrived, someone else was already playing. Another guy told us that another 2 groups of people booked the same court at the same time! AM went to settle it with the guard.

In the end, it was decided we have to come back tomorrow morning to pick another date to play. We were all disappointed with their management. This problem used to happen many times before..

We went to my house to check on mum. She told us her story. In between, she stopped twice to tell the story to TWO other callers. After we were done, MM came and mum REPEATED the story!

"She was walking to her car in an alley near Megah Specialist. Then, 2 people on a motorbike can and snatched her bag. On the other side of the road, some Chinese guy/lady drove a car. They saw what happened and KNOCKED the motorbike with their car.

The thief fell and the other guy took mum's bag and ran. The other guy was caught. Then, about 10 people from a shop nearby chased after the thief that ran away. He ran to the highway and the rest of them followed.

The thief climbed over a tall fence and hid in the drain. Another Indian man was driving and saw what happened. So, he u-turned and found the thief hiding in the drain. He single-handedly went and caught him.

They all ended up calling the police. The two thieves didn't bother running because they were surrounded by many people. I think mum mentioned some of them even whacked the thieves. I could imagine their fear. Serves them right!mum snuck some sentimental and valuables from her bag. sure cant get back.
In the end, they went to the police station and mum had to leave her bag with them for investigation."

Mum took a picture of one of the A**H*****!!

The most important thing is that she wasn't badly hurt. Then, I drove AP, KK and AM home. I stayed there till SC came home so that he could park at my spot.

Used the laptop and chatted more. We laughed at some stories that AM told me about LZ. We also laughed about her. Then, SC came back and asked me about my review. I told him I didn't do it yet.

He said I should accept the product and just do the review. After much talk, I somehow told him it could be bought from Guardian for about RM 50, he was SOOO disappointed that he wasted so much energy talking about this.

His final advice was to ignore this review. Haha. AM heard this story and we all laughed. I decided to go home at 10pm and SC parked at my spot. At home, I used the laptop till 10.30pm before I went to shower.

Came out and used the laptop. Went down for supper and came back up to write my blog. Keep getting distracted by other stuff like chatting, reading blogs and facebook. It's 1.55am now and I finally finished this post. By the time I add pictures, it probably will be 2.30am. Night...

**PDS read this and told me that he was driving on the opposite side of the road when he WITNESSED this too!**

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