Sunday, November 16, 2008

Being Eighteen

**This post shows how MEAN and EVIL I can be. But of course, I did the following with reason**

Woke up at 10.30am and was told by M that SS came and picked LC up at 3.30am. I turned on the laptop and played 7S. At about 11am, I heard a bang and M told me my bike dropped. I was still relaxed then.

At 12.20pm, I turned off the laptop and went downstairs to get ready for lunch. I asked J who dropped my bike and she admitted it. I went to check on my bike and found out that the rear brake disc had been BENT!!

I showed mum the damage and complained about it. I was actually still cool although I kept saying how bad the damage was. Then, dad gave me a lecture. His main point was that this bike is meant for the outdoors and something like this is ought to happen.

After he gave me the lecture, I felt kinda hot. He went off for his appointment and we waited for the rest of the family to get ready. Then, mum told me I had to drive. Suddenly, the volcano erupted and I said "I won't drive J".

She said okay and walked to the back. Midway, she cried. Mum went to console her and they somehow ended upstairs. I felt kinda bad but was still hot. Then, I overheard that E wsa also involved but J took all the blame.

From that moment, I was really amazed by J's attitude. I could believe after all these years of bullying E, she took the blame and did one good deed. In my heart, I decided to let J go away with her mistake.

Of course someone has to take the blame. So, I turned my target to the other girl involved, E! We went to pick MM and AC up and then went to BV. I drove quite angrily and didn't bother to stop at bumps in the carpark.

Mum and MM asked me to drop them first so that they could get a table for us. Everyone refused to get down except the both of them. Then, I told E to get down because I don't want to see her face. She got down quietly.

After about 10 minutes of waiting, I managed to get a place to park. We walked to Delicious and looked for mum. We sat down and ordered our food. I ordered a Carbonara Spaghettini. Because I was angry, I ordered a "Death by Iced Chocolate". I usually don't order drinks.

Death by Iced Chocolate - Rm 10.90 before tax

The drink came and it was nice. What I disliked about it was that I could feel the powdery texture of it and it came with TOO MUCH ice! After a few minutes, my Carbonara was served.

Carbonara Spaghettini - Didn't bother to check the price

The Carbonara was just like the usual. Nice and creamy. I was really bloated when I finished my meal. When I found out that E didn't finish her mushroom soup, I shouted "if you couldn't finish it, why did you order?"

Mum paid while MM and J went to cut their hair. We walked around and ended up in Häagen-Dazs®. Mum ordered the Mango Tango because E said she wanted it. Before it arrived, I asked E "You couldn't finish your soup, still wanna eat ice cream?"

Mango Tango - Rm 29.90 beofre tax

When it was served, mum asked everyone to have some but none of them (including E) didn't want to eat. Mum and I finished the fruits and I took some ice cream. I decided to let E have a few bites so I left for the washroom knowing she would eat some while I was gone.

When I came back, I saw her eating the last scoop of ice cream. I then asked her " I thought you said you didn't want to eat when mum asked you?". She kept silent as usual. While we were relaxing, I also disturbed her a bit.

After mum paid, we walked back to BV from BV II. I walked behind her and stepped on the back of her shoe to irritate her. Then, she decided to walk at the back of me. Back at BV, MM bought some product from Aesop before we left.

Then, I dropped them home before driving home. AM smsed me and I told her I will come down half an hour later at 3.30pm. I used the time to settle my daily facebook stuff before leaving.

The sky was dark when I left. Once I reached 112, a few drops of rain could be felt. AM took her bike and we cycled up to T1. Before the first junction, AM scratched her leg. Since it was starting to drizzle, I accompanied her to cycle down.

After she went inside, I rode back to my house. Once I reached the entrance, it started to drizzle much heavier. I wanted to use the laptop but took a nap instead because dad was using it. When I woke up, I showered and got ready for the wedding dinner.

At 5.30pm, we left the house and drove to Rawang for our relatives wedding dinner. We reached there about 6.20pm. According to the invitation, it is suppose to start at 6pm sharp! Being Malaysian, the ceremony officially started at 7.20pm.

I sat together with AP and family since they had an empty space. Dad left the dinner early and went to another wedding dinner. Throughout the dinner, I chatted with SC, AM and YM and also played with DZ and SY (CM's 2 baby kids).

SC, YM and I ordered a cup of beer each. At the end of the day, YM and I finished our beer but SC's face turned red even before he finished his cup. The dinner ended at about 10pm. The food was okay and the service was reasonable.

M and I went into CM's car. They dropped us in 97 because no one was home yet. We went inside and watched some movie with MM. 10 minutes later, mum called and told us they were back. So, we went home.

I turned on the laptop and settled some facebook. Then, I started to write yesterday's and today's post. AC wrote his 100th post so congrats to him. Also, Happy Birthday to NM!!

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