Friday, November 21, 2008


Woke up at 10.30am today. Was suppose to follow mum and M so that I can bring the VAIO for service while they went to MV. Unfortunately, they already left. I ate the last piece of my birthday cake for breakfast.

Came up and used the laptop till 12.30pm. Mum came back and we got ready to go out. Brought along the VAIO for servicing. I directed mum to Northpoint and we made our way to the Sony Service Center.

We waited for less than 5 minutes before it was our turn. We were directed to counter 8 and an Indian lady served us. After I told her about the problems, she gave us some forms to fill and sign. In about 15 minutes, we were done. The laptop will take 5 working days to complete its servicing.

Mum wanted to check out the restaurants since we were already here. We spotted this interesting name called Ninja Jones Izakaya. So, we decided to look for it. We stood outside looking at the menu. The waiter then said the set lunch is much CHEAPER for us!

Ninja Jones Izakaya - Northpoint A-G-5

Mum gave her a short laugh while inside my mind, I was thinking about what that Blue Ocean Strategy guy said. " NEVER say your product is CHEAP!!". Anyway, we decided to go in and try their food.

The 2-storey restaurant was very nicely decorated! It was a mix between some modern and Japanese designs I think. The waitresses here were also very well trained (except for the "cheap" part). After looking at the menu for 5 minutes, we decided to order.

The Menu - Can you spot the NINJA?

I ordered a Ninja Bento (lunch) while E, J and mum ordered their stuff. Hot Green Tea for E, mum and I. Mum called M and asked her if she and her friends would want to join us. M agreed so she and her friends made their way to Northpoint.

**due to dark lightings and not such a pro camera, the pictures didn't turn out so nice**

Hot Green Tea and Salad (comes with set)

Ninja Bento - RM 40
Raw fish, Tempura, Unagi and Braised meat! Yumm!

Our food came in about 15 minutes. It was served by a waiter dressed in Ninja costume. The Green Tea was nice, Salad was nice and Everything in the set were YUMMY!! I finished everything I ordered except the raw fishes that came with the set. I packed that back.

While we were eating, M and her firends arrived. Their food only came after we finished ours. We sat there chatting while waiting for the 3 of them to finish their food. After that, mum asked for the bill.

Bill, Bill, Bill

The total amount was RM 289.80!! Kinda expected for the nice food and nice environment. We were the last table to leave this place (there were only about 5 to 6 occupied tables when we arrived). They were already closed and will reopen at night.

Mum dropped me at home and I went upstairs to use the laptop. It was about 3pm then. She brought the girls to 1utama to do some shopping. At about 5pm, they came home because E had piano classes.

Went downstairs for dinner at about 7.40pm. Then, watched Oprah and also Sweets for My Sweet from 8pm to 9pm. Came upstairs to play 7S till about 10pm. Went downstairs to eat an ice cream cone and read some newspaper.

Came back up and used Wikimapia to look for JJ's house (which I would be going on Sunday for his Birthday). Then, dad came and asked me to find his friends house for his appointment tomorrow.

By the time we were done, it was already 11.30pm. Used the laptop again till 12am. Started writing this post after that. Going to bed soon because I have to wake up 6 hours later and go to FRIM with SC. Night...

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