Monday, December 1, 2008

Last Class of this SEM!

Woke up at 7.45am. Used the laptop till 9am. Then, I cut my nails and washed up. Got ready for college by 9.30am. Arrived at APIIT at 10am.

Our slot was at 10.30am but the first group only went in at 10.40am because D) was late! So, we went in at 11.05am. I did my parts well and luckily Ms Intan didn't critic me as much as ML and FK. Should be able to get a "A" for this assignment.

Called AC and his group members. They walked over to APIIT and we went to Pit Stop. I ordered Fish and Chips Set for RM 5.50 while AL and DY ordered Nasi Lemak. The Fish and Chips took quite long to cook. Besides, it wasn't really nice at all.

Fish and Chips Set

At 12.30pm, we went back down to the fourth floor. We sat there chatting while waiting for their turn. At 1.10pm, they went in. I chatted with KW while waiting for them to come out. Once they came out, we went for lunch and left KW behind.

AL drove us to Good Tea for lunch. DY didn't follow us because he was rushing back to do something. AC, ZS and I ordered the Dried Pork Meat Bun (RM 1.90) while AL ordered some noodles. After that, we went back to APIIT for our last class of the semester.

Dried Pork Meat Bun

Miss Intan gave us some objective questions for today. At 3.15pm, class was dismissed. AL and I walked to our cars and drove home. Didn't drop KW at the LRT today because his presentation was after class.

Once home, I quickly changed into casual clothes because it was REALLY HOT! Then, I turned on the laptop and used till it was almost 5pm. AM smsed me and asked if I wanted to go cycling. I agreed and told her M would be coming too.

At 5pm, both of us wrote down to 112. Then, we waited for AM before riding up again. We circled BSC for 2 rounds before AM got tired. So, we decided to go back to 112. We stayed there and ate "fan shu tong sui" while chatting.

"fan shu tong sui"

At 5.45pm, we rode back up to our house. Before going in, I cycled uphill to the very end and cycled down to change my gear. As usual, the ride up was taxing. Came in and used the laptop while standing!

At 6.40pm, we showered. After that, we went to 112 for dinner. After some chatting, YM came home from work. Since FW (facebook game) was not working, we decided to play CS. So, AM, YM, M and I played CS together.

We played till SC came back and finished his dinner. When SC finished showering, AM gave up and let SC play instead. The four of us then played till 11pm! By the time we reached home, it was 11.10pm.

Came up and used the laptop. The VAIO was super slow for some unknown reason. At 12am, I went down to join E and M who were watching Strawberry Shortcake Movie on Disney Channel. The movie ended at 12.30am.

Then, I came up and started blogging. Towards the end, I started talking to a friend from outstation. Going to post the photos now and sleeping right after that. Night...

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