Thursday, November 27, 2008

End of Week 14!

Woke up at 8am today. Played 7s and also did my CT presentation slides till 11.40am. Went to shower and get ready for college. Made some Peanut Butter Sandwiches for myself as Brunch. Left the house at 12.50pm.

Reached APIIT at 1.15pm. I thought I was late but then the lecture wasn't there yet. 10 minutes later, Mr Jonathan came in and our 10 marks writing test started. He have us 10 minutes to check on our book and discuss among us before officially starting.

We waited till all 7 of us finished (at 3,15pm) before we handed in our papers. Then, we went to Pit Stop to meet JW, WL and FK. I ordered a chocolate waffle (RM 2.30) that wasn't as nice as expected. It was still quite nice though.

AL and I wanted to introduce AC and DY to Cluedo. Unfortunately, I didn't bring Cluedo to college. So, we came up with APIIT Cluedo. Since we didn't have dice, we just made a rule that each turn we can go to one room without throwing the dice.

The people were replaced by our names, the weapons were changed to handphone, laptop, pen, ruler, knife and scissors. The 9 places were changed to the places in APIIT.

The Game Board. Creative right?

At 4pm, AC and DY had to go. To end the game, all of us wrote down what we suspect. Then, we opened the cards to see who got the closest answer. In the end, all of us had one correct. So, no winner was crowned...

They all went home except me. I waited another 2 hours for AM. While waiting for her to finish work, I watched episode 2 of Hot Shot. At 6pm, it started raining. We drove home. Again, there was an accident. It was jammed up in MV also.

Came home and used the laptop till 7.30pm. Then, I went on an "adventure" that turned out to be the most funny event that happened to my car! Came back and ate dinner. at about 8pm.

Then, I came upstairs to use the laptop and blog. Spend some time just staring at the monitor. Chatted with M and E till 11.46pm. That's all for today. Bye...

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