Monday, November 17, 2008

Week 13!

Woke up and used the laptop till about 9.30am. Was ready by 9.50am and since I still had some time, I finished the rest of the Cremeria. Left the house at 10.05am. The petrol gauge was at "E" and luckily I managed to reach the Shell at Mint Hotel after 20 mins.

The staff there was kind. She greeted me and I pumped my own petrol. RM 83 for full tank! Reach class at 10.40am but luckily I wasn't late. This is because the previous class was still inside.

Mrs Kwan gave us back our assignments today. I had 3 mistakes and that caused me to score only 92/100. After she recollected them, she asked us to do our revision exercises. She left the room at 12.17pm.

ZS suggested we go to Citrus Park in OUG for lunch. Once there, we walked around till we decided to eat at Station1. I ordered a Set lunch which costs RM 16.80 (before tax) that comes with soup, chicken chop and a drink. The food and drinks were ordinary...

Chicken Chop, Jasmine Tea and Mushroom Soup (RM 16.80 before tax)

After we paid, we went back to TPM for CT class. She taught us about storage devices. During the break, we went down and ate TopTen Ice Cream for Rm 1.50. It wasn't nice because the ice cream already melted due to the lousy fridge in the convenient store.

We went back up after eating for the rest of the class. After class, KW borrowed my phone to take spme pictures for his assignment. Then, we walked to our car and I dropeed KW at the LRT. nice
Used the laptop from 4pm. Then, M and I went cycling at 6.30pm. We cycled one round around BSC. Once we reached the junction near our house, M stopped and fell! It was kinda silly because she braked and didn't land her feet. That caused her left arm and leg to get injured.

We took turns to shower and went to 97 for dinner. When we came back, both of us played CS for awhile. We then followed dad and mum to Bata to buy shoes. It took us about 15 minutes before we found a parking space.

There wasn't a size for my big feet so we left the place. Then, we went to McD to buy 2 apple pies and 2 banana pies. We got a free Ice cream for mum. After that, we waited in the car while dad went to TMC to get some groceries.

Mcd Apple and Banana Pies

Back home, we played CS with bots for about an hour plus till 11pm. Then, I started using the laptop to facebook and blog. Slept at 2am...

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