Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Aftermath

My alarm rang at 7.30am but we only started to get up at 8am. By the time everyone was ready, it was nearly 9am. After packing our stuff in DY's car and saying bye to his mum, DY drove us to another Bak Kut Teh shop in Klang.

This shop was about 15 minutes away from DY's house which is much further compared to the other shops we went before. We ordered 1.5 serving of wet and 1.5 serving of dry Bak Kut Teh. We also ordered 2 bowls of Yau Char Kwai.

Yau Char Kwai - Not so good...

Wet BKT - Nice soup!

Dry BKT - Kinda spicy. Not that great

The service here was REALLY BAD! Sometimes, the even ignored us. The soup was nice and the meat wasn't too bad. The misfortune was that the Yau Char Kwai was the WORST I've tasted EVER!!

At 9.30am, we asked for the bill. The bill was RM 41.10 so each of us paid RM 10 to DY and he paid the balance. After that, DY drove all the way back to my house. After unloading my stuff at home, it was about 10am.

AL and DY drove their cars to TPM while I led the way in mine. We reached TPM and parked at the illegal lane. When we reached L1-9, the class test just started. We quickly took the questions papers and cracked our heads for 2 hours.

Today's test was my worst ever. I just realised I made MANY MANY SILLY MISTAKES!! Hopefully, I could still get a B. Anyway, I won't think about it anymore...

After the exam we had to collect our dockets for the other 3 subjects. Being smart and quick, I was the FIRST to get my dockets!! It didn't make much difference because I still had to wait till all seven of us got ours.

Then, we decided to go Drive-Thru at McD. I drove there and only ordered 1 banana pie and 1 apple pie for myself since I was still quite full from the BKT. When we tried to make the illegal turn back into TPM, the guard stood in the middle to block us.

Since we were given no choice, I had to drive all the way to Bukit Jalil LRT and go back to TPM from there. After parking, we went up to ENT3's first floor. We went into the room next to our class and ate our food there.

After that, we played 3v3 Taboo till Mr Jonathan came. At 2.30pm, he started his class. He gave us a short revision and informed us of the short test next Wednesday. At about 3.30pm, we were dismissed.

Waited for AL before we left the place. Dropped KW at the LRT as usual and went home after that. Reached home half an hour later... tfk in car

Changed into casual clothes after I came in. Then, asked M to watch Heroes S03E09 together. Spend half an hour or so looking for speakers before that. After I found our long lost speakers, we started watching the show.

Then, I started using the laptop to Facebook. At about 6pm, I started writing yesterday's post. Managed to finish it by 7.20pm and went downstairs for dinner right after that. Came up and started writing this post...

At 9pm, AM and family picked me up and we went to BSC for an hour of badminton. Came back and watched TV till 11pm. Had a quick shower and went to sleep...

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