Sunday, November 30, 2008

SONY Isn't That Bad After All

**This is a follow up post to Never Buy Sony VAIO Laptops!!**

Few days ago, dad and I went to the Sony Service Center in Northpoint. After some talking, the guy told us that RM 1482 is to fix the cosmetic side of the laptop. We could choose to NOT repair the crack and stuff and still get the internal stuff fixed.

So, dad asked them to go ahead to repair the sound and bluetooth problem WITHOUT replacing the new casing and stuff. Then, we went home.

Came home yesterday and saw the VAIO on the table. Reinstalled some programs and tested it out. The sound is working but not the Bluetooth. Dad said we might go and send it in again. Haih...

Before I end this post, I RETRACT what I said in the previous post. Although the CR may have problems, I'm sure the patient Customer Service Workers would help you solve it.

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