Sunday, November 2, 2008

Back at Home

At home, I went to the toilet and did some "business". Then, MM came. Mum, J, E and I went into her car. The six of us (4 + AC and MM) went to Mizu for lunch.

I didn't order anything except Green Tea. I ate a piece of Mizu Maki and played the photo fishing game on my phone the whole time. After MM paid, we went to the hardware store. She bought some stuff before we left.

Once I reached home, AC was online and gave me his ProCom assignment. We did some linking and said that my group's product should be bought together with his to get a discount. Haha. What are friends for. We should get credit for this teamwork!!

After looking at his assignment, I told him what I thought about it and he gave me some feedback too. That made me want to add some elements to my assignment. I spent more than an hour (which was supposed for me to update yesterday;s post) modifying it.

Then, I saw E and J playing this game called Numbskull from Miniclips. They were stuck at level 10 so I decided to try. It was fun playing this game of logic. When I got stuck at level 30+, I took a rest and suddenly, I passed.

Now, I'm stuck at 46. Just four more levels to reach the end of the game. At 6.30pm, I went to shower. Came out and was told we were going to Burger King. It was raining when we left.

For the first time in a long time, we parked at MV itself because if we parked at Gardens, GM would have to walk a long distance. We walked to BK and I ordered the Whopper Jr Stunner Set. It came with the burger, drink, fries and an extra sundae ice cream (flavour of your choice).

Whopper Jr Stunner Set (RM 9.95) - excluding RM 0.50 off upgrade

The Whopper Jr was okay. The curly fries (I added 50 cents to upgrade to this) was nice. The Caramel Sundae wasn't that special. It even made my hands STICKY!! Had to go and wash it... The drink was HUGE I was full even before I finished half the cup.

We went to the electronic shop to browse around. Then, we sat at BK and finished our drink. Dad went to Carrefour to look at some electronics while mum went wondering around. 10 minutes later,they came back.

Before we left, J wanted to go to the toilet. Then, dad spotted Kenny Rogers and went to buy 6 muffins for RM13. We went home after that. E predicted it was raining and it was TRUE! Once we went outside, it was drizzling!

Dad drop us home and then went with J to "pasar malam". I came up and used the laptop. Still stuck at level 46 of NumbSkull. Chatted and started to blog. 1 and a half days of things to blog.

It's 12.25am now. Going to bed. Have to wake up early to go APIIT tomorrow. Bye...

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