Sunday, November 9, 2008

A New Adventure

Woke up around 9.30am. Used the laptop and ate some light breakfast (forgot what). Showered and got ready by 11.15am. Then, I rode my bike down to 112. SC, AM and YM went out and only AP and KK was there.

Went inside and used my laptop for about 15 minutes. Then, the 3 of them came home with a hifi for YM's apartment. Just when I called M, dad and the 3 girls came. We told them to go to 97 to borrow AC's seat post.

While M and dad went, SC helped me adjust my brakes. He also washed AM's brake caliper. When dad came back, he brought me to Bata in Telawi. We fond a nice full feet slipper and wanted to buy it. Unfortunately, they didn't have my size.

We went back to 112 and the girls were playing Uno Stacko with AM. Dad brought AP and I to MV. We went to the Bata there and looked for the slippers. They didn't even sell it here! We went into Jusco to look for a similar slipper.

I was hungry and asked dad to stop looking for it and go for lunch. AP and I went to the food court and ate a Japanese meal. Dad went to look at something and met up with us later. AP and I shared a Teriyaki Chicken Set with extra rice.

Teriyaki Chicken Set + Extra Rice (RM 14.50)

The chicken was nice and so was the vege. The worst part was the rice because it was TOO HARD!! Soup and green tea was fine. After we finished, we went back to Jusco. AP didn't want to buy her stuff and because we were in a hurry, we left at 1.50pm.

Reached 112 at 2.10pm. M and I went home to pack our stuff for the 3pm trip. Just as we were done, E called and told us the trip was cancelled. We still decided to hang out at 112. We drove down and SC told us we could still go FRIM later in the day.

We stayed in 112 till about 3pm. Then, C (SC's boss/MTB buddy) called and said the sky looked clear in the direction of Saujana. So, we decided to go ride on the Elmina Oil Palm Plantation Trail.

M and I went back again to repack our stuff. Then, we went to 112 and dissemble our bikes. 2 bikes went into my car and one in SC's. M was supposed to use AM's bike. SC lead me to Terminal 3 of the old Subang Airport where we met up with C.

C then led us into a secluded housing area where the entrance to the trail is. We assembled our bikes and went into the plantation.

The little Entrance

It took us (M and I) a while to get use to the terrain and how to use the bike. Most of the time, we could see oil palm on both sides of the trail. Along the trail, there were some cow dung and puddle of waters. There were also quite a few different terrains on this track.

About more than an hour later, we reached the Plantation Mill. If we went further, we would have to go a long way before reaching our cars. So, we took a break and turned back. Before leaving, we took some photos.

Entrance to the Mill.

SC, C and I

The way back seemed much faster. Braked really hard when SC asked me to stop and take a pic at the tunnel. Stopped a few more times to take some pics with M.

The dark tunnel

Gloves, Bike and Dirt

About half an hour more to the exit, I was really tired. I crashed into SC, lost my balance and even injured myself, all in different incidents. As we approached the end, M and I pushed our bikes.

We reached the exit at about 6.40pm. According to SC, we conquered more than 10km. SC and C went to look for a puddle. When they found it, they brought us there. We rode our bikes over it multiple times to clean our tires.

Shoes, Legs, Pants and Bag all covered in MUD!

Bike covered in MUD too!

We dissembled the dirty bikes and stuffed it in my car again. Really wish I had a bike rack now. I drove back in my socks and reached 112 at 7.30pm. I accidentally knocked my head in 112 and got a headache after that.

2 Bikes in my car

Reassembled the bikes and KK hosed the dirt away. While he was cleaning the bike, M and I went home to shower and get ready for dinner. Knocked my head lightly on the boot lid again. After showering, I grabbed some junk food and ate them.
it hurt when i peed. don't know why. worried
Wore this shirt to represent my current status

At about 8pm, KK and family came up. We then drove 3 cars to section 17 for dinner. AC and MM joined us too. We went to Jackson coffee shop for dinner. I ordered hokkien fried mee with extra "zhu yao zha". I also ordered Iced Kopi.

Hokkien Mee - RM 5

Iced Kopi - RM??

The hokkien mee was not really nice. The iced kopi was okay though. Mum ordered some satay for everyone to share. All the chicken was finished up and KK had to finish the beef as no one wanted it.

Satay (10 chicken 10 beef)

Before going home, KK ask J if she wants to eat durian. She said "yes" so they went to buy 2 packets. We regrouped at home and ate the durian. It was not that nice because it was bitter.

Durian in a box - Bitter

I followed KK and family back to 112. After collecting my laptop, I cycled with the laptop (in bag) back home(uphill). According to SC, it was just like a scene from Stormbreaker.

When I was about 15 houses away, my legs started to sore badly. I cycled super slow and it took me 5 minutes to reach home! I came upstairs and used the laptop. Planned to sleep at 11pm.

I went downstairs to clean my mud-stained Echolac bag. Then, came up at 11pm and started writing the draft. It is 11.40pm now. Hopefully when I wake up tomorrow, my muscles don't sore!!

** Only slept at 12.30am. Haih.**

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