Sunday, November 2, 2008

Time to Have Fun

Reached APIIT at 6.10pm. For the first time, I parked my car inside the APIIT parking. The probably open it to the public just for today. DY, HX, HK and ZS were just few meters away. I went over to them and we walked to the main door.

We waited outside till 7pm before we were allowed to enter. Upon entering, a student stamped our hands (with ink) and another gave us our goodie bags.

Crappy Bags

Inside those bags were 3 Biore samplers, outdated PC Gamer magazines, and other useless stuff like game CDs and balloons. The MCN bag was much better and worth more.

We found a table and left our stuff there. Then, we went exploring the third floor. The online dance competition had not started so the lab was closed. Then we went to the cafeteria (named "The Lounge" for today).

The Lounge @ APIIT

The lights were all replaced by UV lights which made my white shirt "Cool Purple". The cafeteria was also transformed into a club with quite professional laser lights. They also served free "Revive" all night and there were some finger-food sold by the cafeteria.

We bought sandwiches for dinner and ate in the "lounge". After that, we went back to our table and waited till 8pm before the event started. Luckily, there was no Boring-opening speeches.

LY's group, Funkaholics, were the first to perform after a performance by a guest performer. During the lucky draw, they called my number, 8188. I asked ZS to go collect it for me.

No. 8188

It turned out to be 6 Sony BMG CDs which were really unpopular. They probably couldn't finish selling it. Since he kept my tickets since Thursday and went up to collect it for me, I let ZS choose 2 CDs.

ZS took the first 2 and I took the rest

The performance continued and we had an intermission at 9pm. We went upstairs to witness the finals for the SDO online dance competition. I heard that the winner actually got ALL PERFECT for his last game.

**Oh, forgot to mention that we saw Mr Warren watching the competition too. Nice to meet him again...**

The winner is the guy second from the top right

We went back to the Lounge after the SDO winner was announced. Nobody went to the dance floor except about 4 people. Then, when the DJ announced it was the last song before we had to go back up, EVERYONE flooded the floor!

ZS and I went to grab another cup of Revive before going back up. Then, they had this Usher competition on stage. It was a B-Boy battle between 3 teams. In the end, the African boys from APIIT won.

The competition continued till all 8 teams were done. Then, Fellest Yen (guest judge and sponsor) performed for everyone. After that, the winners were announced and the prizes were given.

The grand prize winner was A Crew from APIIT. The Cookie Monsters, from HELP, got 3rd. I guess they deserve it because they were the only outsiders that joined. The event officially ended at 10.20pm.

There was an open dance floor till 11pm but most of the people (including us) crammed our way out to collect our EUPHORIA tickets. After 10 minutes in the line, we got our tickets and drove to Sunway.

We ended up in Ming Tian for supper/dinner. I ordered a large "Hong Kong zhu chang fen" for RM 5.50. It turned out to be twice of the usual size we have in Dim Sum shops. I also ordered Iced Kopi for RM 1.60.

Then, ZS and I went to my car to look for my EUPHORIA ticket. I remembered giving it to him but he denied it. 5 minutes later, we found it in the glove compartment and then ZS remembered he was the one that left it there...

We went back to look for the others. Together, we walked to EUPHORIA. We had to walk indoors to get in through the main entrance. When we arrived, there was a queue.

I was worried they wouldn't let us in because there was a few people standing outside. When they saw our green complimentary tickets, they let us in without checking anything. Great.

EUPHORIA was great! The interior design was really cool and cosy. The dance floor was empty and I was quite shocked about that. We then went to check out downstairs.

There was a lounge with many sofas. All of them were occupied so we went to survey outside. Did I mention Smoking is NOT ALLOWED in EUPHORIA? Guests are only allowed to smoke OUTDOORS.

So, we quickly came back in to get away from the EVIL GAS!! We then went another floor down. It was a small area with one DJ. There wasn't anybody so we were the first there. We sat around the comfy chairs and enjoyed the music.

Lonely DJ

Shouted at each other's ears whenever we try to make a conversation. We went upstairs again and met JT. He told us the dance floor should be more lively after 12a,. So, we went downstairs to the lowest room again.

Then, DY asked if we wanted beer. Being students, we bought one small bottle of Carlsberg for RM 20 and shared among the 3 of us. HX and HK didn't drink.

Cheers - Bottom one is me!

It was my first time drinking this much (well, not that much anyway). Then, we decided to go up to the main dance floor. There were at least 50 people in the dance floor. After looking at them for a while, we decided to get in the dance floor.

I didn't feel/dare dance at first. But with the help of the floor that vibrates with the bass, the few of us managed to do some noob and lousy shaking, bouncing moves. It was fun. HK didn't want to join us though.

HX complained that her leg hurt after 10 minutes. So, DY brought her back up and we followed him. After awhile, DY, ZS and I went back down to the dance floor and did our crazy and lousy stuff.

Our favourite part was when the white lights went blinking. That was the best. Met some of our classmates too. About half an hour (20 minutes maybe?), we went back up to drag HX and HK down to join us.

HK stood there like a log. At least We managed to make him move a little. About 15 minutes later, we decided to stop and went back to the lowest dance floor. On the way down, ZS and I realized our ears had became puffy and couldn't hear properly.

Back down there, we were surprised that there were at least 20 people dancing there already! We walked around and decided to dance (shaking/bouncing only of course).

I preferred the music here because there were some lyrics in it but the one upstairs was only music. But, I still prefer the dance floor upstairs because of the lights, vibrating floor and the crowd.

A short 5 minutes later, we decided to leave the place. The bouncers were actually giving us tags so that we can come back later (the same night only) but we told them we weren't coming back later. It was only about 12.45am.

Walked to our car. ZS came in my car and I drove behind DY's car since I didn't know the way to his house in Klang. We dropped HX and HK back home first. Then we went to DY's house. It was already 1.30am.

We changed and got ready. DY didn't want to sleep so early but ZS already fell asleep. I chatted with DY till 1.40am before I decided to sleep too. Left alone, DY went to bed...


Woke up at 8.10am and asked them if they still wanted to sleep. DY said yes so we went back to sleep. At 9.50am, I woke up again and made them get up. ZS woke up after I went to the toilet but DY was STUBBORN!

It took me half an hour (maybe less) to get that lazy PIG up from his bed! After we were all ready, we left the house at 10.30am and went to eat our Brunch in a Bak Kut Teh shop. According to DY, there are 7 Bak Kut Teh shops in his area.

We ordered one "dry" and one "wet" Bak Kut Teh and 2 bowls of "Yeow Char Kuai". We agreed that the meat here isn't as nice as the one we went to during our previous sleepover at DY's. But, the soup was nice.

Bak Kut Teh, Wet (back) and Dry (front) - RM 25

After that, DY lead us to Kesas. Then, I drove ZS home with the guidance of his directions. He told me how to get back from his house. Luckily, I didn't get lost and managed to get home at 12.30pm.

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