Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Having Fun While We Still Can

Woke up and used the laptop. Ate some twiggies for breakfast. At 10.30am, AC called and asked for directions to my house. At 11am, he arrived. He used the VAIO while I used the Vostro. At 12.15pm, we rode the bikes to BSC for badminton.

5 Indian ladies were playing at our court so I went over and asked them to leave. They actually booked court C but were playing in Court A. They went to chase the players at Court C while AC and I played badminton.

It was our first match against each other. I was actually surprised he played even better than me! Didn't think he would be that sporty. Did I mention that HE was the one that invited the rest of us to play badminton?

At 12.45pm, DY arrived. I let them play against each other and walked to the canteen. Once I came back, AL and ZS were outside the complex. I went into AL's car and ZS went inside to play badminton.

I helped AL load some of his stuff in my house. Then, we went to BSC to join the others. We played a few double-games, rotating between the 5 of us. I was in bad shape (probably because I haven't been playing for a long time) and lost all my games.

At 2pm, AL and I cycled back home while DY and AC drove the cars back to my house. We left our stuff in my house before deciding to have late lunch in Sri Nirvana Maju. We went a few rounds and finally found a LEGAL parking space.

We walked to the place and I suggested the Banana Leaf meal. AL, AC and I ordered it while DY and ZS ordered noodles. I ordered a teh tarik too. For the first time, AL said he was FULL even before he finished his food.

Teh Tarik - RM 1.80

Banana Leaf Meal - RM 5

We paid for our own food and went to Bangsar Village. We walked around here and there for about half an hour or more. Spotted a classmate from SSBR but didn't bother to say "hi" because he was the most irritating and hated person during my high school times...

We came back to my house at about 4pm. AC went home right away. The other four of us took turns to shower. Then, we used our computers to surf the Internet, download heroes, watch an episode of HotShot and also reformatted someone's laptop.

At about 4.30pm, all of us played CS with M! It was kinda fun but serious at the same time. After awhile, DY suggested we play HalfLife. he created a game and we joined in.

It was my first time playing but we had LOTS of LAUGHS! This is because there is no objective in the game we were playing. All we had to do was grab a weapon and KILL each other!! It was really a crazy time.

At about 6.30pm, we stopped and played "the Game of Life". We spend about an hour or so finishing the game. Then, AL commented that my house has many board games. Suddenly, he talked about "taboo" and I told him I had it.

So, we took it out and started playing Taboo! For those that don't know what Taboo is, it is a game where u make your group members say a particular word without saying 5 selected keywords. It is similar to charades but just a VERBAL version.

At about 8pm, MY called and said she was already outside my house. AL said we should not care about her until we finished another round. After our game, we got ready and drove to Lucky Garden.

Once we reached there, MY suggested Dominos and we agreed. AL's mum is a Gold Member so he bought 2 large pizzas for the price of one (RM 34.50)! While they waited for the pizza, DY, ZS, and I walked to MyMydin to buy drinks. We bought a 1.5litre bottle of Zapple to share among the three of us and bought a 500ml bottle of 100plus for MY and AL.

After collecting the Pizzas, we went inside MY's car to have our dinner. This was my first time eating pizza in a car! The only reason we were doing this was because MY didn't like to eat inside Dominos.

Nice Restaurant - Service Charge RM 0

We had a fun time eating in this "restaurant". The new Tuna pizza was NICE while the Aloha Chicken wasn't that great. After we finished our food, we went into our cars. Just then, AL stopped us and said My wanted to go to Secret Recipe.

We tagged along and went inside. They ordered a Cheesecake to share among them. I ordered a piece of Chocolate Fudge for everyone to share so that we won't be just looking at their cheesecake. After we were done, MY drove home while the four of us went back to my house.

Chocolate Fudge - RM 6.60

It was about 9.10pm. We played another few rounds of Taboo while waiting for Heroes S03E09 to finish downloading. When it was done, we packed our stuff and AL drove Dy's car to Klang. About half an hour later, we reached DY's house.

Realizing it is 10.50pm, we got serious and started our QM revision. We revised till about 12.40pm. Then, I turned on my laptop to facebook. At 1am, we went out for supper because AL complained he was hungry.

Since it was so late, we had to go hunting for a restaurant that was still open for business. At last, we found a shop that sold noodles and stuff. We ordered a plate of noodles and a plate of fried rice. There wasn't much drinks so we just ordered cold Chinese tea.

Some Noodles

The food was just ordinary. It cost about RM 6 per person. We then went home and started playing Taboo. We played till we forgot the time! Suddenly, it was already 3.30am! Shocked, I quickly went to bed...

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