Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Just Like Old Times

Woke up at 10am. Mum and dad weren't at home. Used the laptop till 12pm. Had some Cremeria and got ready by 12.40pm. At 12.50pm, AP and KK came and brought me to Crystal Crown in PJ.

Found this in the fridge. YUMMY!!

As usual, WM had extra seats and invited us to come and have lunch. We parked and went to the buffet place. Nobody stopped us because they already knew AP and KK. The buffet was much smaller to Armada.

Helping 1 - Fried Rice, Chicken, Beef, Egg, Mutton and Tofu

Helping 2 - Fried stuff and Spaghetti

Helping 3 - Mixed kuih and pastry - Not bad

Helping 3.5 - Coffee - Quite plain

Helping 4 - Ice Cream - Yum!

According to LZ and AP, today's food wasn't as nice. I didn't like the lamb because it was too hard. The spaghetti was the worst I ever tasted because the sauce was made from ONLY tomatoes.

Another complaint was that on the drink dispenser a sticker said "2 for Tea, 3 for Milo" and on TOP of the dispenser, another sticker said "2 for Milo, 3 for Tea". That made us waste 2 cups of Milo!

During lunch, I asked LZ if she could really solve the rubik's cube in less than 1 minute. She said AM gave me the wrong information as she only could do ONE side under a minute. So, WM asked me to teach LZ when we went home.

Overall, the food was okay and I took about 4 helpings (3 + 0.5 + 0.5). We went outside and saw a Shoe Polishing machine. WM and LZ tried it but I didn't as I was wearing slippers. After that, all of us went home (except WM).

LZ trying the Shoe Polish Machine

At their house, it was raining heavily. So, AP and KK slept while I accompanied LZ. Looked at some pictures and listened to some music. In the end, I took a short nap. At 4.30pm, the heavy rain turned to a drizzle.

Armed with umbrellas, LZ and I walked to the post office to help WM post some mail. Then, we went to CzipLee to buy a Rubik's cube. We came home and I started teaching LZ how to solve the cube.

By 6.15pm, I managed to teach her how to solve half the cube. Though, she is still having some difficulties remembering the steps. Before LZ and WM went home, they dropped me back home.

I collected the car and asked M to follow me to pick E up. M had to go since J REFUSED to come with me. We left the house at 6.25pm and managed to reach Brickfields in 20 minutes. Then, we came back home.

I dropped them off and went back to 112 for dinner. We waited for AM to come home before eating. We watched TV while eating and chatting. Then, AM and SC came back. After SC ate his dinner, AM, SC and I went cycling on his bikes.

First time riding bikes of the expensive range. We rode to BSC and came home after 10 minutes there. This is because AM's friend came to 112. Back at their house, AM made mango juice for the three of us.

Mango Juice - Not as presentable today

We sat there and chatted, joked and watched TV till 11pm. As it was getting late, I decided to go home. SC parked at my space after I left as usual.

Came home and M was sleeping. J and E told me mum cried because her finger was PAINFUL! Came up and finally touched the laptop (after 10 hours!!). Started blogging at 12am. 50 minutes later, I'm done and ready for bed. Night...

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