Friday, October 30, 2009

It's OVER!

Woke up at 8am today and studied a little more before having some cake for breakfast. Then, I went to shower and got ready for the exam. Drove to BBJ and went to HOL to meet the rest. Had a cup of "Iced Kopi" while I was there.

Iced Kopi

We went back to the exam hall and took the exam at 11am. This subject was the hardest for me to study but it ended up being the EASIEST paper. It really boosted my confidence when I saw the question.

Came out half an hour before the exam ended. KW and ZS were outside chatting with me till the rest came out. Once it was over, AC, DY and ZS each had a different stuff to do. That leaves AL, KW and I.

Since the group wasn't complete, we decided to postpone our "celebration". Dropped KW off at the LRT before driving home. Then, I started using the laptop. Had spaghetti for lunch and came up to play MTG.

As usual, M lost all 3 rounds that we played. I told you "We are Legion" is good right? Used the laptop to chat, play MO and some other flash games to pass time. Also caught up with a few Bleach episodes.

Went downstairs for dinner at about 7.30pm but I wasn't that satisfied. Came back up to use the laptop again. Ran out of Bleach episodes to watch so now I'm blogging. Then at about 10pm, KK came to pick me up.

KK, AP, SC, AM and I went to Paramount for Hokkien Fried as supper. Ordered an extra "Iced Milo" to drink. The noodles were quite good. After supper, they dropped me home and I started watching TV downstairs.

Iced Milo

Hokkien Fried (3 servings)

Came back upstairs and played Wizards101. After an hour, I realized that it's a crappy game despite it being the 3rd best MMORPG! To heal mana, you need to play mini-games. WTF! So I turned it off and continued writing this post.

My eyes are closing already. It's been a long time since I slept late. So I guess I'm gonna upload the pictures and go to bed. Night...

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