Friday, August 1, 2008

NS Exam

Today was my last paper for the semester. Woke up and went to BBJ as usual. Snickers for breakfast. The exam was okay. For the first time, 90% of the students stayed till the time ran out.

We went to Pizza Hut in Sri Petaling for lunch. We ordered a 6 person set for Rm 66.60 after tax. We had fun talking crap and nonsense. Before JW, JJ and I left for the Pikom PC Fair, AL's gf, wanted to follow and told AL.
finally took out my retainer
So, I got AL to drive all of us there. Saved me the trouble and stress of looking for a place to park! We went to AL's gf's house while AL dropped ZS in the LRT station. When AL came back, we left for the PCfair.

It was AL, JW and my first time going into the SMART tunnel. Once we were out, the jam started. All the parking lots in KLCC were blocked by a big "FULL" sign. We saw cars coming out of the parking but the management didn't want anymore vehicles to park inside.

We went rounds looking for a place to park. After about half an hour, we were about to give up and go home. Just before we left, a guy operating the open-air parking removed the FULL sign and allowed us to go in.

We parked and walked to the convention centre that is less than a minute away from the parking area. From now on, I'll probably park there! We covered all the halls in less than hours. JW and JJ bought some stuff but the rest of us walked back empty-handed.

JJ and JW shared the parking fees (RM6) since they were the ones that bought stuff. Once we reached AL's gf's house, JJ, JW and I went to my car. I dropped JJ in the LRT station and JW in APIIT. Had a nice conversation with JW about her family in Sarawak.

When I reached home, we went to Nature's again for our vegetarian dinner (oops, ate meat for lunch!). Before we went home, we dropped by 7eleven to get a Slurpee and 4 cans of "whatever". At home, everyone waited for 9.30pm to watch episode 5 of MR.

Once the teary episode ended, we switched to 8tv just in time to watch the ending of SYTYCD2. The winner of this season is CC. Didn't really watch much of this season so I have no comments. Played GB with CQ, KW and ML after that. It is fun playing with people you know.

The Genting trips has been postponed to next next week since we booked too late and the promotional rate is limited...

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