Thursday, August 28, 2008


Woke up at 7.45am in the morning. Was dreaming about some adventure in the mall and it ended with me taking a picture with Morgan Freeman. And HE was the one that asked for the picture. Haha, what an absurd dream. I don't even know why I dreamt about him.
Washed up and used the laptop as usual. Ate some "lor mai kai" (glutinous rice with chicken) for brunch. At 11.45am, I walked to BSC and booked the badminton court for tomorrow morning. Went home and saw GM cooking lunch.

She finished cooking 2 dishes and left it at the "bar" (just a small surface to put stuff). 3 flies already landed on the plates! I brought the 2 dishes of food to the table and covered the food. Disgusted, I decided to have lunch outside.

Packed my stuff and drove to college. I wanted to park at McD (near mint hotel) and have my lunch there. There wasn't any parking spots so I decided to Drive Thru. I asked the guy if they had the Black FuWa (Olympic Doll). He said yes and so I bought a cheeseburger happy meal.

When I collected the food, I checked and saw a black toy. We finally collected the 5 FuWa!!Content, I drove on. I gobbled my cheeseburger in the car and went to class, leaving the toy in the car.
Class started at 1.30pm. ProCom was a sleeping pill for many people. I didn't get sleepy but was really bored. He was teaching us about Verbal and Non-verbal Communication. I bet even a kid think this topic as easy as pie.
Before CT started, most of the class went to buy FOOD. We shared food here and there. This caused the lecturer to name our class "Food Heaven" (or something like that). During the break, I went down and bought a packet of Chachos. We all finished the whole packet in 5 minutes.

The CT lecture was over at 5.20pm. I waited for AM to finish work till 6pm. Then, we walked to my car. Just as we hit the highway, it started to rain. AM saw my happy meal toy and asked me "You like this toy?".

I answered "since we collected 4 others, might as well complete the set". Then, she read out "Clone Wars". I was shocked. I thought she made a mistake. I asked her "what Clone Wars?" and she showed me the toy!!
To my horror it was a Darth Vader Figurine!! I was very disappointed. How could I have missed that EVEN when I checked it! Dropped AM at her house.

At home, I did the same to M. I told her that I got the black FuWa and she cheered "yay!". After I showed her what I've bought and telling her my story, she called me dumb, which I don't deny.
Darth Vader Figurine
We had ur dinner and came upstairs later. They watched MR 20 on the desktop while I used the laptop. Then, we watched MR 21 on the laptop. GM got angry because J still hasn't showered.
Anyway, I showed M and E M and E was freaked out in disbelief but after awhile, M sensed something fishy. To prevent the secret from being exposed, I exited the website. After about half an hour, the Internet faced it's usual disconnection again.

I decided to give the modem a rest and allowed M to play Cake Mania 2 on the laptop. E and I watched her. This time, it wasn't that funny anymore because it was very HECTIC! One can get stressed playing games like these.

She stopped playing at around 11.20pm. I checked my Facebook and stuff. I decided to drop by Mr Warren's blog because I know he reads mine occasionally. Started updating my post and the Internet got disconnected again.
Dad restarted the modem and I continued with my daily dairy. It is 1:03 am now. Going to sleep soon or I'll have no energy to play badminton tomorrow.

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