Sunday, August 31, 2008


Woke up at 9.30am and watched the Merdeka Parade on RTM1. While watching, I was also using the laptop. Had some chocolates for breakfast. Today is "Chor yat" so we're vegetarians for the day as usual.

Mum, GM, and us (the children) along with MM and AC squeezed into my car. We went to Nature's for our vegetarian lunch. I dropped them off at the restaurant and went to park my car. After going a few rounds, I decided to park in the Motorbike parking area.
For the first time, we ordered 1 plate of noodles and some dim sum. The Noodles, "Char Siew Pau" and "Wu Kok" was nice. On the other hand, "Zhu Cheong Fun", "Siu Mai" and "Lor Mai Kai" didn't taste that nice.

Went home and patched GB on the Vostro. Dad came home with 3 "pagoda statues". There are only 50 brought into Malaysia (20 in Sentul Temple and 30 in BISDS). All of them are said to be chanted by 1000 monks for 100,000 times. Dad bought it for RM200 each.

The RM 200 Pagoda Statue

There are 2 mini chanting books inside

And those really tiny font are chanting verses in Pali

Mum called some relatives and asked them if they wanted it too. Dad then called up the Sentul Temple and asked if there were still any left. Then, GM and dad went to a hospital to visit our "gor kor" (grandfather's sister).
M and I played GB for about an hour. Then, M got bored and E took over. Stopped playing after awhile and watched 2 other parodies by TomsterMusic.

At 5:45pm, AC, mum and I drove MM's car to BV. We went to Coffee Bean to have a drink. I ordered Large Ice Blended The Ultimate. For the first time in my life, there was a COFFEE BEAN inside my drink!

Went home at 6:40pm. Had a shower and we went for dinner with GG and SS's family. We went to "San San" but there wan no tables available. So we went to "8 Xian". The food wasn't as nice as "San San".

We finally left at 9:40pm. Reached home at 10:10pm. Used the laptop for awhile and I'm trying to sleep at 11pm...

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