Saturday, August 9, 2008


Woke up automatically at 7.40am in the morning. Got ready and went to pick up AM at 8.30am. Before sending her to APIIT, we dropped by McD. We couldn't find a place to park so AM went down and bought our breakfast.

We went to APIIT and wanted to eat our McD Breakfast in the cafeteria. The cafeteria was closed and the lights were off! It was very dark. We decided to go and sit in one of the tables in the atrium. It feels so different going into APIIT with casual clothes. When we were done, AM went to her office and I drove home.

Turned on the laptop when I reached home. Mum drove E to school and picked M and J up along the way. We ate lunch at home. Then, dad, mum and I went to KLCC (Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre) for a CIMB event. We walked for about and hour but there was nothing that we wanted to redeem.

Dad went to client hse to collect something before we went home. At home, dad toasted some bread and brownies for us. Mum went to pick E and dad left for dinner. We waited for E to shower before going for dinner.

We went to Delicious in BV for dinner and I ordered a "seriously delicious cheeseburger". It was okay. I managed to finish everything on my plate but that made me very full. I was too lazy to lok at the bill which probably costs RM 100 and above.

Mum dragged us to Coffee Bean after dinner. E ordered a Large Ice Blended Pure Chocolate. I had a few sips that and some of mum's Large Ice Blended Cinammon. The cinammon didn't taste nice and mum asked them to make another cup. The second cup was slightly better but I still wasn't satisfied. So, I let mum finish it.

At home, I played GB with E. She got lucky a few rounds and totally pawned me. After an hour or so, M chased E away and we battled each other. It was so fun, we finally stopped playing at 12.40am!

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