Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lunch at Mizu in BV

For some reason, I automatically woke up at 8am. Ate chocolates for breakfast. The girls didn't go to BISDS but dad went at 9am. We hung around the house and watched some Olympic Games. Today will be the last day watching it and the next time would be 4 years later.

We went for lunch at 12pm. We decided to go to Mizu. I ordered a Beef Teriyaki Set (medium cooked). I regretted it later because the beef came out BLOODY! Anyway, we finished lunch and went to MPH.

Beef Teriyaki Set

I spotted Russell Lee's TSGS 18 and decided to get it. It came with a free notebook too. After about half an hour, we finally left the store and went downstairs. MM went to Cold Storage while we went to Speedy.

TSGS 18 and the free notebook

When she was done, we paid the parking ticket and went home. Dropped AC and MM at 97 before going back home. Then, we watched Evan Almighty for less than 10 minutes. It started to lag and got stuck so we stopped watching it. I came upstairs and we watched MR 17.

Shortly after that, we watched Evan Almighty on the laptop. Dad came home and brought some buns. It was near to 7pm when we finished watching the movie. I went down and ate a sausage bun before showering.

Now, I just finished ordering pizzas from Domino's for the TV party tonight. Taking this opportunity to blog before it gets too late.

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