Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Genting Day 2: FUN!

Didn't sleep that well last night. Woke up at 7.45am and washed up. Went for breakfast an hour later. The food was okay and the coffee was nice.

We went back to the room to rest for a few minutes. Then, we left for the Theme Park. It is RM 51 for the All Park Ticket. We went to the Pirate Ship, Big Top and finally the carousel.

All of them felt dizzy so we went back to our rooms. ZS and I ate some donuts and I had a cup of Instant Noodles for lunch. I slept for slightly more than an hour while ZS watched TV. Then, we regrouped and continued our adventure.

First, we went to sit the Motion Master. The story was about Ali Baba. Their technology has improved as now there is 3D and some air blown at us. Then, we went for the Space Shot TWICE! While we were waiting for our turn, many disastrous thoughts came into my mind. It was thrilling going on the Space Shot. Even kids went to ride it.

Anyway, we went for a boat ride. It was supposed to be something lame but we sat on 3 boats and raced/banged each other. Next was the flying coaster which was a bore! Then, we sat on the Rolling Thunder Mine Train. We were the last few on that ride because they scheduled a maintenance session after that.

Then, we went for the Sungai Rejang Flume Ride. We were the last batch again for the same reason, maintenance. This ride got all of us WET! Luckily, AL asked us to keep our jackets with the workers before we went for the ride.

The rest of them quickly went back to their rooms to shower while I accompany ZS to reload some DiGi credit. We went back to our room, showered and then met up with the others.

All of us walked to a coffee shop and I ordered chicken rice for RM 6.50 plus a Iced Milo for RM 2.50. The Chicken Rice tasted HORRIBLE (worst than APIIT cafeteria) and the Milo was VERY diluted.

After dinner, we went to the indoor Ferris wheel. Next was another round of motion master but this time, they were playing Alice In Wonderland. I personally preferred this one because there was more action.

Then, we went to play Bumper Cars. We all targeted DY which multiplied the fun level 10 times. I laughed till my mouth got dry when all of us keep smashing into him. We went to ride the Indoor Roller Coaster which was not thrilling at all.

All of us left for SnowWorld except DY and WX, who went to their rooms. RM 15 for 45 minutes was worth the fun! Inside, we took the ring float and slided down the hill. There was also free Ice Cream given to us inside SnowWorld. Then, we spend the rest of our time throwing artificial snow at each other. It as as if we were 10 year olds.

Time was up. We returned the gloves and jacket before leaving the place. We went into the lift and AL suddenly noticed that there is still a SLOW, Dragon ride. Since we already paid for the indoor ticket, We decided to go for that ride. It went around the Indoor Area SLOOOWLY.

Finally, we came up to our rooms. After changing, we watched a show called "Distraction" on 8TV. Then, we went over to AL's room to play cards. Dy and HX came over soon after that. We ate Chips and junk food while playing.

DY and HX went back to sleep around 12.30am while the four of us continued playing cards. At the end of the day, I lost RM 1.10. It was aready 2 am so all of us decided to stop playing and go to bed.

ZS and I came back to our room. Now, He is sleeping while I'm typing this post on a notepad. It is already 2.46am and I shall sleep now!

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