Sunday, August 3, 2008

Still Away From Home

Woke up around 5am and I was freezing! After a visit to the toilet, I went downstairs to get some water. Continued sleeping and woke up around 8am. Watched "Step Up 2" with K till lunch time.

Then, we went to SS2 for lunch in "Ah Khai Famous Char Siew Rice". For 5 person, it costs RM35. I ordered a "kopi" to drink. We went home and rested for an hour or so before going to KLCC.

We parked near the KJ LRT Station and too the LRT to KLCC. It was a long ride (13 stops) and I dozed off in the train. We walked to the convention centre and went straight into Hall 3. We walked round for an hour or so.

Then, C smsed to tell us someone hit my car and run away! How could someone be so dumb to hit a car that is parked? Anyway, we saw 4 shops selling Kaspersky Antivirus for RM80 (3users). When we finally wanted to buy it, they INCREASED the price to RM90!!

So, we went to another shop and got it for RM85. With sored legs and 100pcs of DVD-R (RM 60), I followed them to the LRT Station. There was a long queue to buy the tickets. We got on the train and reached KJ around 8pm.

We drove back to SS's house to pick K. We went to Hj Samuri for dinner. Ordered some Kajang Satay, fried rice and char kuey teow. The total bill was just extra 40 cents from today's lunch. Not bad.
raja, the bike guy called me. luckily i managed to stop calling me.
When we reached home, we tried to take some pictures of the damage of the Avanza. K claims that it was a Kelisa that hit it. It was too dark to take a clear picture so I'll try to post some photos tomorrow...

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