Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day of Second Semester

Woke up and washed up. Oreo with milk was my breakfast. At 9.50am, mum dropped me in APIIT. Met our classmates that we haven't seen for 2 weeks.

Our new lecturer, Mrs Kwan (Quantitative Methods) came in and thought us. She let us leave half an hour earlier. Since we have 4 hours break, 12 of us went to MV. I sat in AL's car and before going to MV, we picked MY up.

When we reached there, some of them were already in the line. The line was super long and so they allowed everyone to buy normal tickets from the Gold Class counter. We decided to watch Mirror. I paid RM 84 for the 12 of us and they paid me back later.

Then, we went to McD for lunch. I ordered a Big N' Tasty Burger. It was the first time I saw this and it really was big and tasty. I took a picture of the set but accidentally deleted it. It actually looks like a ordinary burger from the outside.

We finished our lunch and went into the cinema. The horror movie was very NICE! The story line was good and the effects were great too. After the movie ended, I realised that this is VERY similar to a Japanese horror movie called "Into The Mirror" that I watched around 2004!

So, this probably is a remake. Anyway, this is still a good watch for horror fans. We drove MY home and then went back to APIIT. We were introduced to our Computer Technology lecturer, Miss Intan. She dismissed the class an hour earlier.

While waiting for mum to come, we stood around watching the National Day Celebration of 4 countries (Maldives, India, Pakistan and Indonesia). Came home and watched some Olympics.

After showering, I brought the laptop down and used it while watching TV. After dinner, M and I played GB together. It was fun as usual. Then, C and SS came. We watched a lady pole vaulting and cheered her till she broke the world record of 5.05meters.

Thanks to the timetable, I won't have classes tomorrow...

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