Friday, August 15, 2008

Back To College In 3 Days

Woke up around 8am. Ate some biscuits for breakfast and turned on the laptop. YM told me that SC has a mouse and asked me to add him on MSN. Went down to watch some TV. It was so boring till I fell asleep.

Woke up and went upstairs. SC said I can get the mouse tonight. Then, when M came home, we ate lunch. Today is 15th (of the lunar calendar) so we're vegetarian for the day. GM bought some vegetarian food from the market.

After lunch, M went out. I continued surfing the net for awhile. When M came back, we waited for her to shower. When she came out, we watched MR 12 together. AP and KK came over to watch Lee Chong Wei in the Semifinals.

After much shouting from M and some cheers from us, Lee Chong Wei won the Korean opponent. Hopefully, he will win in the finals and get Malaysia's first Olympic Gold Medal. We gave KK and AP our house key. Then, we left for dinner and they went home too.

We went to a vegetarian restaurant in Section 17 for dinner. The food wasn't that great at all. It costs RM 90++. We went home after about an hour later.

When we got home, KK, AP, AM and SC were already inside. They were watching two China players fighting each other in the Badminton Men Single Semifinals. After the match, MM and AC came over.

All of us randomly watched some Olympic events while some chatted and SC and I were using our laptops. Then, M and I played GB together. M got bored and AC took over. AP, GG, SC and AM went home. AC and I played till it was 11pm and he left with MM.

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