Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Dad woke me up at 9am in the morning. For some reason, my phone alarm didn't ring or I didn't hear it. I quickly got ready for college. Went to pick AM at 9.40am. I dropped her at APIIT at 10.10am. She was 10 minutes late but didn't get into trouble.

I parked my car in another illegal spot. I stopped caring about parking illegally anymore because according to AL, as long as you pace the ticket, they won't clamp you. THe furthest they will go is putting the beautiful pink slip on your car.
Went for QM class. As usual, people were noisy and Mrs Kwan stopped and waited for them to be quiet. Again, she gave up after several minutes and continued teaching. Out of the 3 modules (excluding Moral Studies), her class is the least boring.

We used the 1 hour brake to go out for lunch. I asked AL to drive my Avanza because I was to lazy to drive. AH, JJ, CQ, WL, AC, AL, DY, MY, ZS, ML, KW and I had lunch in "Good Tea". A lady passed by and called us "chuen kar fok" (family photo). I ordered roasted pork rice and a cup of iced Milo.

I dropped MY at her house and drove the rest of us (6 people) back to ENT3. Sat for 2 hours of ProCom and I was FISHING! After class, we went to Bukit Jalil Golf Club to book the badminton court for tomorrow and Friday.

We found out that it was RM 31 per hour! We decided to go play in Bangsar instead of paying such an absurd price. Went back to APIIT and attended Mr Warren's Moral Studies class. 2 hours later, we were dismissed.

It was 7pm. Sky was dark and rain was pouring. KW and I walked to the car in the drizzling rain. Went to APIIT and picked AM up. Dropped KW in the LRT station and headed for home. The highway was jammed since it was raining.

We decided to take the NPE and we still ended in a jam. About 1 hour and 10 minutes later, we finally reached Bangsar. Dropped AM at her house and I continued my journey home. Inside my house, E just came back and M was eating her dinner.

I quickly went to shower and ate my dinner after that. Came up and watched Love Guru on the laptop with M. We had a break in between the movie and went down to eat some "Pau"s that dad bought.

When the movie was over, the girls were asked to go to bed. I'm currently chatting and surfing the net while waiting for 12.15am. I'm gonna watch Distraction for my second time and it better be NICE!

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