Friday, August 22, 2008

Fun Friday

Woke up and while still in a drowsy, sleepy state, I walked to BSC to book court a badminton court for later. The 10am slot was full so I booked 11am to 1pm.
After washing up and stuff, I drove to APIIT to pick DY, ZS, AL and MY. Once we reached there, there were a bunch of oldies playing in our court. They thought they extended an extra hour but they actually booked for 1st of September.

Anyway, we let them finish their game. By the time they finished, it was already 11.30am. We started playing and had a lot of fun. We stopped playing at 1pm. Then, we all went back to my house to shower.

Found this in my fridge!! Yikes!!
After half an hour or so, all of us finished showering. MY got interested in the Rubix cube and kept playing with it. We went to Chun Heong for lunch and I ordered a plate of Char Kuey Teow and a cup of Kopi.
Some of them said that the tables in CH is very close together. AL said that eating in Bangsar is slightly expensive. When he found out that the Siew Pau here is RM 1.20 each (10 cents more), he quickly bought 2.
We went back to TPM and MY drove home. After she left, we walked to class. ZS left his bag inside my car and said he will take it later. In class, Mr Warren showed us more pictures of abortions.
Class was over at 4.30pm. It was raining heavily and ZS didn't want to get wet while taking his bag. So, he decided to leave it there.Therefore, his dirty laundry will be in my car for 3 days. 1 by 1 they went home.

At 5pm, I was alone and I decided to hang out in the lab. I spotted a handphone left behind, 2 computers away from me. He came and collected it half an hour later. He really is lucky that it didn't get stolen. From the lab, I took some pictures of some people getting ready for the MCN.

Some greedy person would have stolen this long ago.

Some students arranging chairs and rehearsing.
Continued surfing the web and surprisingly, this computer did not block Facebook. They were closing the lab at 6.45pm. So, I went out of the lab. I decided to repark my car to nearer spot so it won't be that dangerous later...

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