Friday, August 8, 2008


Woke up and went to McD for breakfast. The waitress served us with such a sour face! Why did she even bother to work if she hated her job? As if she was a slave forced to work!

In the middle of our meal, we saw few students running along the road and a bus full of Cempaka students trailing behind. I don't get it. Why should you obstruct traffic by running on the road? . The bus was also a waste of money and PETROL! Haih, I've got nothing else to say about these rich kids...

We went to 7eleven to get 6 cans of "Whatever". Then, mum went to a bookshop nearby called BooksForLife. The first thing the lady asked us was "which chruch are you from?". Then, while we were looking at books, she asked us questions like "where are u studying? college?" and "is this your youngest daughter?". Why is she more interested in our life than selling us books?

Came home and used the computer for a while. WM invited me to have lunch in Armada so AP and KK came to bring me there. WM, LZ and LZ joined us later. The food was okay and I was full. We left around 2pm.
hell broke lose
Jusw when I went down the car, LZ and LZ came into the house. J entertained them while I went to sleep. SS and SS came and I went downstairs. Laptop and TV combo as usual. They watched TV and got bored soon.

KK and AP came to pick them up around 6pm. Mum brought M and E home. I order pizza while mum drove M to KFC to get some chicken. MM smsed and said that she forgot to tell her maid not to cook so she'll be coming over after dinner.

M came back with nothing from KFC because she didn't want to wait 7 minutes for the chicken to be ready.The pizza came and we ate in front of the TV, watching the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics. KK, AP and SC came over to join us.

From 8pm to 9pm, there were performing. It was very Interesting and beautiful. SC left to pick AM from APIIT and dad came back with some satay. We started feasting on the satay but I just wanted to concentrate watching. ( MM and AC never turned up...)

After 9pm, AM and SC came back. The performance was over and groups of citizens from each of the 203 countries marched around the stadium. After 11pm, the march finally ended! Then, there were some sleepy speeches...

Next were some oath ceremony followed by the lighting of the Olympic torch. The final torch bearer was some old sports legend. He was raised to side of the roof, and walked round it. He lit the torch and it ended with some fireworks display.

It's already over 12am and the Internet is giving me problems as usual. Notepad for now...

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