Monday, August 25, 2008

Volleyball? Basketball? McD?

Woke up in the morning and had 2 pieces of leftover pizza for breakfast. Drove to TPM and when I was parking, AL and DY drove here at the same time. The three of us parked behind one another (illegal parking spot).

We went for QM class. We were the first to be in the class. Everyone else came in later. This class was the most amazing class. Everyone did their assigned work because Mrs Kwan threatened to mark everyone absent!

A few, including me, managed to finish the 4 graphs. Others, were busy talking but still managed to complete at least 2. She ended up asking us to complete it before Wednesday. Haha, I knew she would never mark students absent.

Then, AL, MY, ZS, AC, ML, KW, JT and I went to Lucky (another coffee shop in Sri Petaling) for lunch. This is the first time JT came for lunch with us and so AL had to introduce MY again. I ordered a "White Kopi Ice" that tasted very NICE!

I was very hungry and I ordered "Roasted Pork Rice". My dish came the LAST and I ate it quickly to stop my stomach from growling. That cost me RM 4.80. After lunch, we went to a stationary shop nearby to browse.

ZS and DY ended up buying racket grips for their badminton rackets. MY drove AL's car home and the rest of us hopped into my car. Ms Intan was early for class when we arrived. She wanted to start the class when we came in but she still waited for the other half of the class to appear.

We were allowed to use our laptops to view the slides at first. Unfortunately, some monkeys were using the laptop for other reasons. In the end, she asked everyone to turn off their laptops. She also confiscated another classmate's potato chips and stopped other people from eating.

AC passed his Mentos Ice Chewing Gum around and the whole row of us were chewing away. One by one, everyone got caught for having chewing gum in their mouth. I was the only one out of the seven of us that didn't get caught.

After class, AL, MY, ZS, DY, AC and I went to the Volleyball Court in TPM to play some Volleyball. After about an hour, we got bored because we kept hitting the ball too far away. The time spent collecting the ball was more than the time we were actually playing.

We then played "monkey" instead. Surprisingly, AC didn't know there was such a game. After a few rounds, we decided to play basketball. AC and I got bored because we don't know a single thing about basketball. After 15 minutes, AC wanted to go home.

Someone came up with the idea of playing badminton but we didn't have shutter cocks. To prevent AC from leaving us, DY suggested we go "yam cha". I suggested McD which was just within walking distance and everyone agreed.

So, we walked out of TPM, turned right, into Petronas which is facing the highway, and walked into the McD there. I ordered a Strawberry Shake which I hadn't tasted for about a year. We sat around and chatted about stuff.

We saw the dark sky and decided to leave fast. DY, AC and I said goodbye to AL, MY and ZS, who wanted to stay a little longer. Once we reached our cars, we saw other people playing volleyball. They were definitely having more fun than we had.

On the way home, I noticed that the petrol was almost empty. As I drove, I could feel the engine' power slowly reducing. It rained on the way home. That made my fear grow even bigger.

Thankfully, he road home was very smooth and there wasn't any jam. The traffic lights in the junction near Bangsar turned green when I reached there. I drove to the Shell Station and pumped petrol into the car.

When I took the nozzle, I saw that it was Rm 2.55 per litre. I just asked dad about it and he said the price has dropped since Saturday. Haha, proves that I haven't been reading the papers recently.

At home, showered, turned on the laptop and did the usual stuff. Had dinner at about 7pm. Read some TSGS. Mum and dad was in BV with some clients. J requested for some Auntie Annie pretzels for supper.

Mum and dad came home at 10pm with 4 pretzels (2 sour cream & onion, 2 Cinnamon sugar). It didn't taste as good because the pretzel was very hard. At least we learnt a lesson, never buy pretzels when it is already so late.

Watched some House on AXN and this was my first time watching an episode that House himself DIDN'T figure out what is wrong with the patient. Instead, a member of his team did it.

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