Thursday, August 14, 2008

Genting Day 3: Final Day

It only took me few minutes to fall asleep once I was on my bed. At 8.50am, We received a call from DY asking us to WAKE UP! After a quick shower, we went for the free buffet breakfast at the third floor.

DY and HX went back to their room while AL, MY, ZS and I walked around. AL bought some sweets and we went to the arcade later. AL threw some hoops while we helped and cheered for him.

It was already 11am. So, we decided to go back to our room. We watched Dukes of Hazards on Vision Four. When the show was over, ZS slept while I watched Lee Chong Wei play the quarter final match.

At 2pm, we went over with our luggage to AL's room. Hung around for some time talking and watching TV. AL, MY and ZS bought the 3pm bus ticket while DY, HX and I bought the 3.30pm ticket. I advised them to leave at 2.10pm but they only left at 2.30pm.

We quickly rushed to the cable car station. It was 2.45pm then and the queue to buy tickets was long. We bought the tickets and went into the cable car. Inside, we took a final group picture. It took us quite some time to get everyone into the picture.

Once we reached the bus station, we said our goodbyes and the three of them rushed downstairs. DY, HX and I then walked around the snack shop. They bought some stuff and I ended up buying some coconut candy that I haven't tasted for years!

We went downstairs to wait for our bus at 3.15pm. We saw AL, MY and ZS sitting there. It was obvious that they missed the bus. Few minutes later, our bus arrived and we hopped in. After an hour, we reached KL Sentral.

After collecting our luggage, I said bye to the 2 of them. Few minutes later, mum came to pick me up. It was the end of our trip and also means our holidays are close to OVER! Overall, I enjoyed this trip very much. The hotel room was small but there was very warm water that gave me many relaxing showers...

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