Monday, August 4, 2008

Last Day Away From Home

Woke up at 10am in the morning and SS made me a cup of Milo and gave me some biscuits for breakfast. I watched Discovery Channel for about 3 hours. There was one documentary about "Crystal Skull" from Indiana Jones. Interesting!
SS found this Kelisa 10 houses away and we suspect it!
Damage on the front right, silver kelisa and owned buy a youngster. Coincidence??
The damage. Haihz...

SS and SS came back from IKEA with some Curry Puffs. Then, we waited for K to come back from school before going to IKEA for lunch. I had a "Chicken Chop" and it was quite nice. They didn't add salt to the fries so I had to do it by myself.

After lunch, we went to Guardian in Ikano to get K's lip balm. Then, we visited Cold Storage to get some black pepper. We went home and I slept for 20 minutes. SS went to ask the owner of the Kelisa. He insisted that it was the damage from an accident in the taxi stand outside 1utama.
SS picked C from college and she followed us to the police station. We spent more than an hour in there waiting and explaining. In the end, we lodged the report but we still have to go to another station on Wednesday.
Back at SS's house, I ate dinner and got ready to come home. SS gave me a container full of "keropok" and some bread to bring home. I left after that and reached home 20 minutes later.

Pile of Clothes

What's left of the keropok.

Indonesian Banana Bun(?) from KarthikaSari.

Dad just came back from Indonesia and bought us many clothes! I showed them the "keropok" and we finished it withn 10 minutes! Then, we ate some "banana bun" (or something like that). It tasted like "roti planta" with brown bananas inside, something different. It was quite nice though...

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