Thursday, August 7, 2008

Not So Exciting...

I automatically woke up at 10am again today. I suddenly decided to go to the park and join E and mum. After 10 minutes, we came back. Had some pastry from TMC as breakfast. As usual, I experienced the laptop-TV combo.

Had lunch around 1pm. When M came home, I waited for her to have lunch and stuff. Then, we watched MR together. In the middle of the show, GM joined us. Haih, why does this old lady have to be tortured to stare into such a small screen and strain her eyes?? She deserves to watch shows on a big TV screen!


Had lunch for dinner again today. Wanted to play GB with M but there was some problems with GB on the desktop. Dad brought home a new Dell Vostro. It is given to him by Prudential and he'll have to pay for it if he doesn't achieve a certain target..

Free Advertisement! How smart!

Lid Open

Turned Around

**Pictures are slightly off-colour due to the cam's over-flash!**

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