Thursday, August 21, 2008

Driving Again...

Woke up around 9am and had some biscuits for breakfast. Mum brought the girls to the Curve for some shopping and lunch. I waited for dad to come back. Dad came home around 11am and we left the house about 11.30am.

We went to into this coffee shop in Paramount (opposite the famous char siew rice) for lunch. I ordered a "Milo Ice" and they gave me a hot Milo with ice on top. Dad ordered a pork meat noodle for me.

Pork Meat Noodles

The reason dad ordered it was because he saw many people lining up there. It was quite plain and tasteless but the meat was nice. Reasonable portion considering they charge RM 4 per dish (small).

After lunch, we went to the workshop to collect the Persona. Then, dad went to work and I drove to APIIT. I was 10 minutes later for class but the lecturer hasn't started yet. Half the class wasn't even here.

15 minutes later, the lecturer atarted our PC class. After an hour, he gave us a break while he went out for a smoke. When class was over, we went downstairs for CT. The lecture was very boring! Class finally ended at 5.20pm and we went home.

Dropped KW off in the LRT station as usual. Reached home and saw J and E watching Nanny McPhee. It just started so I decided to join them. It was an entertaining movie but not logical at all.

We had dinner around 7.30pm. Then, I told them that we'll be watching MR in 10 minutes. 10 minutes passed but I was still busy with the laptop. J was chatting with "Ashley Tisdale" and "she" even turned on the webcam for few seconds.

It was definitely Ashley's face but I suspect it is just a recorded video clip. Probably used by some paedophile or a lifeless person that is desperate to chat with strangers. Why would Ashley want to chat with Malaysian kids anyway?

An hour later, I was done surfing the net. We all watched episode 15 and 16. These recent episodes aren't as teary as the first few episodes. The story is getting boring for now. Hopefully it will get more interesting soon.

Went down and watched some TV. Used my phone to play some monopoly and stuff. Finally came upstairs and started surfing the net. Then, I started to write this post. Going to sleep now because I'll have to wake up early tomorrow to book the badminton court. Night.

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