Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Professional Communications & Moral Studies

Woke up and charged my phone. Washed up and surfed the net. Left home at 9.30am and mum dropped me at Yakin to help her photocopy some stuff. When I passed her the change, two 50 cents coin dropped into the gear stick area.
After 5 minutes, I managed to get them out. Then, mum drove me to APIIT. Went for QM class at 10.30am. At 12.40pm, we went to "Good Tea" coffee shop (opposite Alison) for lunch.

I ordered "claypot chicken rice". It was reasonably priced at RM 4.50 for quite a big pot of rice. The rice was quite nice too! I also ordered a cup of Barley but it was very diluted.

Went back to TPM and parked in ENT3. Our Professional Communications class was in 2-6-4. After 5 minutes, a very young Indian lecturer came in. He roughly told us what we would be doing and other 1st day stuff.

After the class, we had a 1-hour break. Went to the ground floor of APIIT. Some of them played pool while we hung around. When it was 4.45 pm, all of us went to the auditorium for Moral Studies class.

We decided to sit right in front of the middle row. We were lucky enought to get Mr Warren to teach us MS. As usual, he started with some introduction and house rules. Then we discussed "abortion" and he showed us some DISGUSTING methods and pictures!

Class ended about 6.40pm. Waited for dad to come and pick me. He arrived around 7.10pm. We reached Bangsar at nearly 8pm. Dad dropped AM and I beside BV II. Then, we walked to Nirvana and met up with YM.

AM helped me order a banana leaf meal. It was around RM 5 for rice, 3 types of vegetables and many other stuff. To me, it is quite worth it. This meal is actually like a buffet. You can ask for more stuff if you want.
Banana Leaf Rice
I was very full after finishing my teh tarik. So, I didn't ask for anything extra. AM paid and we walked back to their house. Then, I waited for dad to come and pick me. He came 5 minutes later.

At home, I quickly showered and we watched 2 episodes of MR together. I was just told that my plan to meet up with my secondary classmates has been cancelled. The badminton game with my college mates were also cancelled. Haih...

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