Friday, August 22, 2008

Multi Cultural Night 2008


The RM 15 ticket
Multi Cultural Night is an annual event in APIIT. The only reason I'm here is because AM bought the ticket for me and I promised I would come. Ticket holders are the first 100 that bought tickets (includes food and goodie bag). Non-ticket holders pay the same price (RM 15) just for the performances.
AM passed me the tickets in front of APIIT. We collected our goodie bags and went inside. I found a spot to sit which was quite far away. I tried to take a picture of the performance but it was too far away.

AM and K met up with me few minutes later. I followed them downstairs to the cafeteria. The "food" they served is a box of rice. All of us agreed that it was NOT nice at all because it is too dry. Both of them said that this year's MCN isn't as good as last year.

Terrible Food

After dinner, they went back to work. I went to the 1st floor corridor and found a nice spot. I had 2 choices, stand or sit. If I stand, I get a clear view but suffer the tiredness. If I sit, I won't be able to see that clearly.

I decided to stand for the first half of the show. I got tired later and decided to sit. Many performances passed and there were lucky draw session in between some performances. I wasn't that lucky to win anything though.

The highlight of the night was HANDS DOWN the surprise performance by a group of lecturers. 6 male lecturers of the group cross-dressed as girls! I knew 2 out of 6 of the lecturers. And even though I didn't know the other 4, it was VERY funny!

They introduced the final performance at 10.30pm. It was some heavy metal band performance. People started to go home but I took the lift and went upstairs. I took some photos of the beautiful stars on the 3rd floor.

Taken from 2 different sides of the building.

Then, I walked out of APIIT and took a picture of the "MCN" sign hanging from the roof of the stairs. The road to my car was quite dark. I quickly went into the car and checked if there was anyone around before entering the car. Inside, I quickly locked the car and drove off.

The drive home felt slightly different. It was my first time driving home alone so late. The road looks "cleaner" at night compared to the "dusty" look they have during the day.

Reached home at 11pm and I showered. Brought the laptop downstairs and used it while I watched some Olympic Table Tennis match with the whole family.

Stuff inside the Goodie Bag - Dominos Voucher, Dominos Folder, 2 tickets for Sunway Zoo, Fitness First Promo, Few Garnier Samples, a bottle of Tropicana Twister and a APIIT bottle.

According to the Head of Student Services, Anis, this bottle cost RM15 but with APIIT logo, it cost RM 100. WTF.

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