Monday, August 11, 2008

Olympic Channel All Day

Woke up and had some biscuits for breakfast. Went upstairs to use the laptop. Visited some blogs and went to facebook. The Internet kept disconnecting so dad and I had to restart the modem for about 5 times.

Had lunch together with dad downstairs. After lunch, I turned on the TV and watched archery. I never watched this sport before but somehow I was keen to watch it. M came home and I continued to watch archery. There was twice I even dozed off. Boring yet interesting. Haha.

Then, M suggested we play GB. We brought the 2 laptop's down and played GB with the TV on. We watched TV and played GB till about 7.30pm. We continued playing after our dinner. We finally stopped at 9.30pm and dad came home.

We found out that a young lady knocked into dad's car from behind and the momentum made dad's car smash into the Volvo in front of him. E and I played a few rounds of GB. Sometimes, she gets lucky and get really clean shots of me!

Dad made heated up some brownies and served it to us with a few scoops of ice cream. He left to make a police report after that. After a long nagging, E finally went to sleep. Now, the TV is finally off after almost 12 hours. Night...

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