Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Genting Day 1: Warming Up

Woke up and used the laptop for a few minutes. Then, I quickly packed my luggage and showered. Waited for dad to send me to KL Sentral.

Finally reached Sentral at 10am. The earliest bus is at 12pm and there was 13 seats left and the 11.30am bus in Pasaraya was still half full.

So, DY, HX and I took a cab to the Pasaraya Station. The driver told us that it is now Arabic Holiday Season. We met AL, ZS and MY there and bought 6 tickets to Genting. We sat in the food court nearby and waited till 11.30am.

We went up the bus at 11.30am and reached the Skyway station less than an hour later. We bought bus tickets to go home before going to the skyway. Few minutes later, we went into the cable car.

Reached Genting about 10 minutes later. We walked all the way to First World to check in. We had to wait 100 numbers till it was our turn to check in.

We sat in the lobby for about an hour playing cards. When it was our turn, we checked in and went to our room. After 10 minutes, we went down to KFC for lunch.

I ordered a regular X meal and a Toasted Twister. The new Toasted Twister was quite nice. When we were eating, the roller coaster passed by us and the passengers were SCREAMING! After awhile, It became annoying and we even joked about throwing bones to them.

After lunch, we went to play Pool. It was RM 12 an hour and we played 2 tables. It was my first time playing but I still had fun. We went to the arcade after that. Played some car racing, which was also my first time.

We walked around and decided to go back to our room. Watched MR 10 with ZS and we went over to AL's room later. Ate some donuts and played some cards till 9.30pm. Lost 80 cents along the way.

Then, we went downstairs to take a short walk. We Walked to OldTown and decided to eat there. I ordered a French Toast but it didn't taste as nice as the one back home. MY got angry suddenly so AL asked us all to leave them there alone.

Came back to the room and showered. Now, we are so bored because there is no Internet Access on the 13th floor...

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