Sunday, August 17, 2008

Back To College In 1 Day!

Woke up this morning around 8am. After we were ready, M, E, mum, dad and I went into the Avanza and we drove to BISDS. We picked up 2 seniors and drove to FRIM. The bunch of BISDS staff were there to test the trail for the upcoming trip.

So, more than 20 of us walked the trail. SS and family was not here yet and we left without them. We all went to the canopy walk trail. We used the trail instead of the canopy walk. Everyone started to slow down and that is when M, E and I walked ahead of them.

We were the first 3 for about 20 minutes or so. Then, we reached a resting spot. We waited for everyone to gather here while we drank some water. SS and family took a shortcut and met us just as everyone was coming down from the trail.

Then, all of us continued walking for about another 20 minutes. When we were near the end, the BISDS staff continued and went out while our family found a spot and picnicked there. All the food and drinks we were carrying from just now was finally put to good use!

We stayed there for quite some time. Ate, talked, danced, took some pictures and many more. It was a fun and healthy outing. When we were done, we walked another 5 minutes to reach the main road.

Random picture from our picnic spot

Dad picked all of us up from there. All 10 of us squeezed into the Avanza and dad dropped SS and family where they parked their car. Then, we drove to a building nearby. We waited in the car while dad was in a meeting with the BISDS staff.

20-30 minutes later, the meeting was over and dad came out. Then, most of us went to Eden for dim sum lunch but there were a few cars that didn't follow us. Lunch in Eden was okay. Dad paid and SS drove home.

The rest of the group followed dad's lead to go back to BISDS. Dad dropped the 2 seniors to their house before bringing us home. We quickly showered and watched some Olympics. Then I came upstairs.
I turned on the laptop and DIDN'T use it. Instead, I was playing with my C902 for the whole evening! The NeedForSpeed mobile game and Sims mobile version are really addicting!

At about 7.30pm, SS and family came with some satay and food. Went down and ate my dinner at about 8pm. Then, some of us came up and I posted photos for my previous post while the rest of them were downstairs watching some sports.

Food on Table 1...

Food on Table 2. Is it me or is everything brown?

AP, KK, AM and YM came soon after that. We were here all to support Lee Chong Wei and for this we made a party! AC came over too. At 9pm, about 15 of us sat in front of the TV and watched him get THRASHED!

He lost 2 straight sets 21-11 and 21-8. It is very very pathetic. M, along with thousands of Malaysians was very disappointed. Soon, AC, SS, C, C and C went home. AP, KK, AM and YM stayed and we watched some Athletics.

At 11pm, they went home. M and I decided to watch a DVD that SS brought. "My Super Ex-Girlfriend" is a old (2-3 years) movie. I didn't like it that much and it is definitely NOT for kids. The hero's character was a lunatic and a huge disappointment.

The movies ended at 12.45am and we came upstairs. Everyone is now asleep while I'm posting this. Luckily, my class starts late tomorrow...

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