Thursday, August 14, 2008

Back At Home

Once home, I unloaded the dirty clothes into the laundry basket. Then, I turned on the laptop and accessed the INTERNET for the first time in 3 days! Checked my facebook and FBM. Then, I posted my previous entries that I wrote on the Notepad.

Then, I visited some blogs of my friends. After that, I checked our time table for next week. After some chat with our other classmates, I found out that many people doesn't like the new time table.

There is a 3 hours break in between class on Monday and on most days, we go home late which coincides with "JAM TIME". Besides that, we have 6 hours of Moral Studies each week.

On the bright side, we have Mr Warren to teach us Moral Studies. After I know the lecturers names, I went to Webspace and looked for their picture. I'm kinda looking forward to meet them and find out how they teach.

At 7.30pm, M and I ate dinner. Then, I told them that I'll be watching MR 11 at 9.30pm. That gives them some time to catch up and watch MR 10 before that. They are now watching it while I'm updating this post.

Before I forget, my Laser Mouse is spoiled. This makes my work on the laptop 2 times SLOWER! I'll need to get another 1 as soon as possible...

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